Imagination Signature

Some of us managed to read stories, some heard stories narrated, some watched movies and our young ones are doing likewise.

Imaginative face
An Imaginative Face 

That's how we met our childhood heroes.
The heroes who shaped and signature our characters in our later lives. We look at ourselves and see an imaginative face that marks our energies with images of imagination. 

Then when we were little boys and girls, we remember our childhood heroes firmed in our imagination and dreams.

We heard our grandfather's and grandma's stories, capturing our imaginations.
We heard our parents, teachers, and others telling stories painting, and signature our imaginations and dreams. 

The soothing fairytale dreamy sleep.  Gliding through the realm of imagined and real characters of my own. Those were wonderful moments of my early life.

According to psychology today, Research shows that imagination can change our perception of reality.
The childhood moments shaped our creativity, and reasoning and prepared us to face the true characters and become characters of our own lives or reveal the real heroes in our lives.

We dreamed of meeting our favorite heroes from the story we heard in our childhood.
It's the reality when we experience a heroic event that reveals us as heroes of our own lives.

Imagination is within a reach of possibility unless it's beyond the laws of nature.

We dreamed of meeting the true heroes of our imagination, when we imagine we see the picture that resonates with our thinking.
The power of our imagination is in revelation, intuitive knowledge, arousing creativity, and shaping perception.

Humans unlike other animals can imagine and dream things and take them as reality. We see the reality, in our minds, after becoming adults we see, paint, and act on the characters of ourselves shaped by our childhood heroes.

Exercise of imagination may contribute to becoming great philosophers, artists, and scientists resulting in a useful and complex reality, theories as well as ideologies transforming our lives and our world at large.

I wonder who have I become after being through all sorts of imagination.

Who was your childhood hero? Are you a copy of your hero's character, Or you are a new character of your own?

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