Human Greatest Appetites


Human life is influenced and shaped by appetites. Appetite can be a desire in life to achieve true happiness and satisfaction. 


In the pursuit of happiness, humans have developed a tendency of taking risks to ensure dominance and self-fulfillment which is self-actualization.

Imagination takes us to dream even more of things that are within our reach and also those beyond our reach and control. The appetite for success is greater than the appetite for food. 

Dreaming of the sea in the scarcity and thirst for water in the desert, unaware of the saltness of seawater. Similarly, wishing for food is a way of mind occupied by a hungry stomach. Meanwhile, the urge to escape vulnerability and inferiority is greater when the stomach is empty.

The desire to dominate and assert superiority is a way of a hungry kingdom. A rich man's appetite is for power, money and wealth while a poor man's appetite is for food, health, knowledge, and peace. The more you feed the appetite, the hungrier you get.

One who can't be satisfied with a spoonful can't be satisfied with a plateful.

Humans are famous for being the dominant life species on the planet Earth. Human dominance is driven hugely by four appetites.

Food, Power, Money, Love, and Sex appetites are irresistible forces of human nature.

  • Food.
People around the world spend much of their time thinking of food. And their appetites as well as creativity grow along with imagining and working to produce more food to sustain life.

While other people desire to eat,  other people live to eat.

It's a natural appetite that is driven by being hungry. Humans like food so much to the extent that they have developed techniques for growing, storing, and cooking food.

Rich people think of appetizing food in special cuisines while a hungry man thinks of anything edible to satisfy his appetite.

Food is allegorical hungry  while literal hunger is fundamentally the product of the political economy

Although they can produce enough food for everyone, the majority of humans are going hungry every day. Food has been a weapon and a tool of prestige instead of being a tool of necessity for mankind's prosperity.

  • Sex and Love
It's a biological instinct of humans as animals to reproduce sexually and carry on their genes. However, humans are far away from the ultimate purpose of sex which is to reproduce. 

Instead, they have developed sex appetite as a tool for having funny, happiness, and service. Rich men and women can pay to satisfy their appetite for sex. A poor man has to work hard to satisfy his sexual appetite or else he will die poor, unmarried with no wife and children to look after and comfort him.

Also, people desire to love and be loved back. To married couples, sex increases the chance of long-lasting relationships. It is means of expressing commitment and affection.
At a time when men and women could resist the sexual hygiene handed down to them by the enlightened past, unable to harmonize with it, their way of thinking would be disgraceful because of nudity, hypocrisy, and shameful means of self-expression.

Moreover, in many communities of the world, men's and women's strength and dominance can be determined by having multiple sexual partners as well as sexual identity. Hence, sex nowadays is a means of self-expression.

  • Power.

The majority of the powerful people tend to dominate other people especially weaker people or communities. They assert dominance in other people's lives and expand that influence beyond their boundaries for glory and self-fulfillment.

The appetite for power grows stronger to the extent that it's harder to resist it. The more they succeed in dominating others, the superior they become. Too hard it becomes to resist their expansionistic desires and ambitious plans.

  • Money and Wealth.

Our daily life experiences are influenced by money. We work to get a paycheck so that we can run our lives. We can employ ourselves to have self-economic freedom. But, the more we get the money the more want it. 

Financial logic does restrict the span of policy options reasonably. But the choice is certainly determined by the inevitable power of money.

We dream of conquering the whole world with an appetite for money and power. Money is power. It is an irresistible force that you can't defeat easily when it knocks you down.

In the abundance of one thing, the other thing is scarce. 

Generally, laws, money, and knowledge make power a complete human force. The force that decides what is best for mankind.

Kings and queens of the chess game on the display of power in the arena of human life. Their appetites and thirst are far to be satisfied nor to be quenched as they develop to the irresistible nature of humans' cravings, growing stronger each day.

Knowing your place in this life makes you a key player in the game of power influenced and shaped by appetites for control and dominance in every sphere of life.

We are challenged by our own mistakes and blindness when we fail to see and understand ourselves. Our limitations in everything are natural. We can't afford to buy our freedom by satisfying every appetite we struggle with.

The ultimate goal of living life is leading a balanced appetite and a harmonious approach to fulfilling one's desire naturally.


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