A Colourful Mind Paints Life Beautiful.


Imagination Signature is a mark revealed in things that are human by design and creativity inspired by light, vision, and colors painted in our minds from our daily life experiences.

Imagination is a mental process through which mind colors are revealed in their true nature and reality in our daily lives. We are surrounded by different colors that mean a lot to live.

Imagination colors are painted in our real lives through vision and creativity.

The airplane design mimics the bird nature's design, the swimming suit and submarine design mimic the fish nature's design, and so on.
Birds of water

Maybe humans imagined flying like birds and swimming like fishes. And it's even fascinatingly wonderful, humans still imagine doing even better in various
An airplane

aspects of life, through invention, innovation, and technology.

According to science alert; light and color specifically, can affect us in ways that go far beyond regular color vision.

According to psychology studies, light and color can impact mood and behavior.

Light gives an ability to see colors that fuel creativity. A study done by Columbia University shows the effects of colors; Blue boosts creativity, while Red enhances attention to detail.

Looking in the sky you see the color of the sky capturing your imagination.
You paint your life through what you see, the sky's wonderful blue color.
A wonderful scenery
You see without limitation when clouds are swept away by the wind.
You change your mind and experience a new vision and freedom.

Looking around our surroundings we see greenish capturing our imaginations, then we paint our life with the greenish garden in which colorful flowers bloom.
Colourful flower
We feel alive and longevity doubled.

When we sit by the table for breakfast, dinner, or supper we paint and color our life with tasty and beautiful food color and aroma. We feel satisfaction, and we feel the need for satisfaction of taste, aroma, and hunger even more.

When we take a glass of water or we drink in a fountain of thirsty quenching we feel life is colorless but we can paint the way we want suiting our desire and admiration.
Beautiful ocean view
We see the waterways to massive amounts towards oceans. We feel the obstacles water can outsmart with its flexibility and gentleness. That's how as humans we need to color our lives with gentleness and flexibility.

Our life is a combination of numerous colorful imaginations firmed in life that makes us humans.

Through bad times and good times, through sad times to happy moments, through crying times and moments of laughter.

Every human in life,h colored life the way that suits one's Imagination which shapes one's desire, aspirations, and therefore partially satisfies every form of thirst.

However, shallow satisfaction is to be fulfilled by contentment.

When we constantly imagine it's when we constantly dream and it's when we need to see more, taste more, feel more, create, paint and color our world even better.
Beautiful sky view

We see and understand that the beautiful daylight is temporary as it's to live, We see and understand that darkness is temporary as it's to light.

Craving for everything good, life has to offer is so powerful to the extent that it drives enhances, and shapes our imagination, dreams, and hopes.

We see our world and life differently because we perceive and imagine differently.

Life has no color, the colors we see are painted in our minds by our Imagination.
Therefore, making life colorful and beautiful is human nature.

All the things we think about, study, write, invent, and do are human by nature encouraged by imaginative colors, pictures, sounds, and objects drawn from our life experiences.

Colorful life is truly the beauty of life.

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