Eating, Sleeping and Work Habits.


Just imagine life without sleep, eating, and work activities being repeated over and over again in our lives.

Eating sleeping

Automatically and involuntarily and voluntarily we repeat the activities day after day, time after time.

Activities that Make Life's Basic Habits.

Our life is incomplete and meaningless without the key life activities, that are natural gifts to every living creature.

Eating, sleeping, and working activities together form basic life habits.


The habits vary from one species to another. Some eat and work at night and sleep during the daytime while others do the opposite of that.

Even an unborn sleep, eats and works-kicking, and so on. The children eat, sleep, and work playing.


From the giant ones to the microscopic ones, all share these habits which are key elements of life without them, I wonder how would be tasteless this life, daunting, and forever active life without a break, energy and memory, and recovery.
A working bee

We need these habits that are automatic and natural as well as involuntary because without them it's when you imagine and feel lifeless life. Eat, Sleep, and Work are the basic habits of life that every creature is gifted by nature.

We are likely to eat more when we are tired. Also, we prefer less nutritionally-dense foods when we are sapped by work. We tend to exercise less when we are exhausted. Making better sleep habits may result in improved health habits in general.

It doesn't matter who you are, or where you at provided that you are a living thing you need those three basic life habits to be completely a life.

Individuals who work during the day, have a greater advantage over shift workers. The shift workers are likely to develop metabolic problems, peptic ulcers, failure to control sugar levels, and gastrointestinal problems.

The above complaints are associated with sleep dept, the quality of diet, and irregular timing of eating.

The Continuous Cycle(chain) of Basic Life Habits.

Day and night enhance the process of habits to be repeated over and over again in a lifetime of a living thing.
Time is a vehicle on which eating, working, and sleeping habits travel while light( day) and darkness(night) act as forces pulling and pushing the vehicle (time).
Because we know when to eat, work, and sleep.

  • Eating.

This habit is automatically triggered by the body's systems when energy runs out.

Every part of the living body needs food to function properly at its best efficiency. From body systems to organs, tissues, and cells.

And also, that's why life is awesome. We eat three or more meals a day to fuel our bodies with the energy we need every day for our life sustainability, work, and activities we do.

We need to eat better, work, and sleep better.

  • Work(activities)

We need to work to get food, a roof over our heads, and dress decently.

We need to work to pay bills, education, health care, care for friends and family, community, and so on.

We need to be active by either doing activities such as home chores, exercising, playing, walking running, and so on to spend the energy our bodies acquired from the foods we eat every day.

We need to work and be active for better sleep and rest.

"Let's start enjoying our jobs again, It's time to rediscover the joy of work". Bruce Daisley 

  • Sleep.

After a hard day, we finally need to sleep. Our bodies remind us of this habit automatically and involuntarily. Quality of life is associated with good sleep.

We need to get our energy back,re-update our memories of the entire day and reaffirm them.

And also heal our troubled hearts and souls of ours for tomorrow.

Repairing our body's wounded parts and restoring life to them.

We need to sleep better and rest for better body function and performance at work the next day. We need to balance our daily habits so that we can have enough time for work, exercise, eat and sleep.

Work, Eating, and Sleep are a chain of activities our bodies move to sustain the need to complete the cycle of basic life habits that are vital to life quality. We need healthy habits.



Charlotte Markey Ph.D. (2022). How Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Eating Habits. Psychology Today.

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  1. True, there is a time for everything. We should eat, sleep when needed and then work again. We should not abuse our body or else we will be sorry later on.

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