Life Cycles Through Nature


We go away from home and return home, it's natural to imagine life and travel through time and events in seasons.

This is possible due to energy that gives power to movements and events through seasons.
Seasonal migrating birds

Life is a cycle of Energy, Events, and Seasons.

Just imagine working hard, and in the end, finding yourself craving for more.

Contentment is hard to be realized because naturally, life cycles through nature take us back to where we started and eventually where we belong.

What goes around comes around, what goes up eventually comes down. Life is a cycle of activities, we find ourselves in places we wished to be doing what we wished to do. And sometimes life takes us to places and times we didn't expect.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher of the late sixths century BCE said:
"As the same thing in us is living and dead, waking and sleeping, young and old. For these things having changed around are those, and conversely those having changed around are these".

According to him, all things are in some sense, opposite and opposites are necessary for life, but are unified in a system of balanced exchange.

He believed that all things go and nothing stays permanently. He compared existents to the flow of the river, you could not step twice in the same water of the flowing river.

Life is a cycle of light and darkness, when the light comes, darkness follows. We wake up and work during the day and go to sleep when it's dark. We do these things continuously every time we feel and want to until we die.

One season comes followed by another season. The season to plant and harvest, the season to enjoy the results of hard labor and prepare for hard labor during planting, weeding, and harvesting seasons.

Life cycle through a series of stages before they reproduce their offspring. Generations come and pass repeating, modifying, and improving the ideas of their ancestors. 

For example how the queen of termites start a new colony and lay eggs to develop new queens for new colonies. The same applies to human life, we live by our parent's examples and improve as we get old from generation to generation.

Energy moves in cycles as Ecological dependence takes place in nature and humans are part of that cycle of energy and life.

The Sun smiles giving its energy to life on earth, Energy is shared with all forms of life.
Plants feed animals, animals feed on animals, microscopic creatures feed on animals and plants, and death is a means through which energy and space are maintained and shared in nature.
Just think about traveling from one point and eventually finding yourself at that very same point.

Life is a cycle of numerous elements.

From emotion and mood, habits to weather patterns, and the law of cause and effects.

Life is differently experienced according to changes in the seasons. The cycle of water for example takes a process from clouds, rain, and rivers to oceans then water vapor and clouds again.

A rain season brings a lot of green vegetation, insects, birds, and animals.
And also seasonal migration of animals, birds and so on.

The summer season for example allows the movement of people to certain places to enjoy what other life brings to distant destinations.

The seasons vary from what they offer to live to what they take from life. As life offers a variety of tastes and experiences from season to season, from destination to destination, from feeling to feeling, etc.

We have to use the life we have to live and deliver its purpose effectively.

  • The life cycle brings everything where it belongs.
  • Life is meant to be shared, respected, cherished, and celebrated.
  • Life is a chance to share and spread love.
  • Life is a chance to make things right where and when they are wrong.
  • Life is a source of all wonders.
We experience, enjoy, and feel pain because of possibilities brought by the cycle of life in nature.

  • As life cycles through nature, go with a smile, come back with a smile.
  • As life cycles through nature, whenever you go with a problem, come back with a solution.

Dark moments do not last forever because life as a cycle is continuously beginning and the end.

Maintaining global ecological cycles and all sorts of basic life interdependence in nature is necessary. 


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