The Power of Life Experiences

When you get to a new place
you look and feel strange. You struggle to cope with new situations and new places.

Your imaginations pop up, taking you to new possibilities of certainties and uncertainties through new life experiences and circumstances.
A sense of touch is a sense of experience

Maybe you find it tough at first to get attached to new ways or maybe you click at the very first moment with what is upon you at the first sight and situation? You meet new people, and you experience new thinking and vision of life.

You find ideas with a different experience that benefit you for a lifetime.

1. You become a new person.

2. You adapt to new ways, and form your ways.

3. You better your ways and ideas.

4. You get new life insights.

5. Time and places shape your worldview and understanding.

6. You become the master of your destiny.

7. You make wonderful memories of your life through tough moments of life.

8. You discover new meaning in life through exposure to new experiences.

9. You make a cycle of friends and a social sense of belonging. Old friends become new friends and you become better folks.

10. You value and view life through multiple points and angles.

11. You handle issues with maturity and wisdom. You weigh matters rationally and logically instead of being judgemental.

12. You understand your strength and weakness. And you live the rest of your life trying to balance between weakness and strength.

Just like the very first time you came to this world from your mother's womb. You faced a lot of challenges in your new surroundings and life experiences that made you the kind of person you are.

After growing up, you move to new places, the new places make you grow even stronger and shape your ways and life insights.

You can see the future through what is happening and what happened in the past. You decide what is best for you and lead worthwhile life experiences.

people show that life experiences in terms of social relationships, broader social engagement, health, and time use contribute to a feeling of meaningful and worthwhile life at older ages.
Now you can tell what is right and what is wrong, You can read signs of times. You can read from people's faces.
Everything in life is not permanent, but it is here to change and be improved. You improve every useful and weak part of you ready to face each day of your life.

Like a newborn, ideas are conceived in our minds and born, eventually becoming part of reality since the dawn of time.

Old ideas are then reshaped or replaced with new fitting ideas according to time, places, and circumstances.

New ideas are born when there is a new experience and time that complete an era of things and vision.

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