Playing a Tough Guy to Live and Quenching Success Thirsty


What comes to the minds of many of us when it comes to life; it's a fight, a struggle to reach goals and fulfill dreams and eventually become rich or die trying.
Struggle for success

To live life in this world takes a simple principle of 4 philosophical questions What is life? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of life? What is the value of life?."

A chance to exist gives life the power to propel and thrive as it flows in processes through energy and reflexes. Also cognitively as well as instinctively evaluates and evolves through reproduction and growth. The meaning of life depends on what we demand in life.

Hurting or not, the "Step by step, little by little" principle plays a role in peaceful and smooth sailing along the troubled waters of life.

Trying to be successful in achieving goals comes with a mentality of always keeping focused. Staying strong against difficulties, keeping going, and being a tough guy.

Being a tough guy is a behavioral adaptation to the environment, we learn from our elders, and possibly genetic traits inherited from our ancestors determines the desire to succeed economically and it's been passed on from generation to generation leading to economic inequality.

Playing a tough guy when it comes to difficulties such as the moment of grieving, stress or serious illness is a normal thing but it doesn't likely to give positive outcomes always.

Sometimes we tend to look strong in the eyes of society while deep inside we are burning in flames, hurting, and weak. Ignoring the vital signs of our bodies is dangerous to our health and harmful to our well-being individually.

When in pain or something is not right with you, be true to yourself and the people you trust the most. 

Express your emotions and feelings.

  •  Help yourself, your family, and the people around you to handle and solve your problems properly to cool down that unpleasant sensation in you and eventually level and balance your energy to life.

  • Remind yourself always life is too short for a heart with resentment, give it a chance to love.

  • Don't hide your problems or run away from them, Seeking appropriate solutions will clear a way to carry on with your normal life in the future.

In the end, living is not a fight, it's rather a chance to make things right. Living for each other by applying patience, intelligence, humility, care and the resources available makes everything better. Allowing hope to emerge and flourish, a viable future to life as well as a multiplied love to live.


It’s Tempting to Mask Your Emotions, but It Won’t Do You (or Anyone Else) Any Favors.

What is the purpose of life when everyone has the basic goal to survive and make the best of it?

The Evolutionary Perspective: Genetic Inheritance from our Ancestors.

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  1. This is very informative and inspirational.

  2. What a fantastic and inspiring post.
    Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  3. Very inspirational!
    Just continiue like that!

  4. I have been feeling this way recently due pandemic but there is always a bright side to things and hope at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Inspiring! As long as one is moving forward they can make progress.

  6. Very beautiful and motivational post thanks for sharing 👍

  7. Patience is very important in life. Everyone tries to play tough but the toughest can outlast any waiting game.

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