Mankind's Imaginary Home


We have been on a constant journey in pursuit of happiness, peace, freedom, and adventures for ages. Exploring the innermost desires to life has been impacted by the search for understandings and knowledge about the light that shines through life and space from time to time.

The light that glows in our hearts gives assurance of survival and life as living creatures traveling far away in the

The universe and space
outer worlds to the universe searching for a connection with the source of everything. Making daily stories about our imaginary home. On TV news releases, science journals, and publications and one among the fascinating stories is the mission to look for the possibility of life on other planets and even going beyond the solar system to other galaxies searching for an Earth-like planet. This is mind-boggling information. The mind moves imagination to the reality of things that are difficult to comprehend.

A chance of experience in sharing this universe with the presumed solely intelligence bearer is an idea of the unknown to do an unending search for the unending gate to realms of all that's hidden. Finding that rumored atmosphere of ages. We have been thinking about the possibility of other civilizations than that of humans for thousands of years. And still, speculations and findings are trying to unlock the secret that might change our understanding and perception towards life and its existence as well as its origin.

"We are all children of this universe. Not just Earth, or Mars, or this system, but the whole grand fireworks. And if we're interested in Mars at all, it's only because we wonder over our past and worry terribly about our possible future".Ray Bradbury, Mars and the Mind of Man,1973

Freeing ourselves from an unconquered fear that torments us day and night. Is a viable nature of reality. Putting energy and effort into today's dream is paving the way towards the brighter side of the future. As we have done for thousands of years trying to understand ourselves and our world better. And still, we have so much to discover about ourselves and life in general on our planet Earth.

Dawn of time to the new age of challenges from our actions, endangering the eye-catching nature of our planet that existed for many years of which underwent a slow pace to changes. Now it's an era of self-actualization in the name of wealth and powerful civilization among nations and the world's citizens. Pushing the button of time, the time which tests the power of human civilization to its core values with facts and logical means.

Powerful temptations that test our feelings and wishes for this life.A wish to transcend to an unconquered consciousness.The consciousness that might reveal the true beauty and nature of life from where life springs.The home where each one of us tries to understand and experiences how it feels like to live waiting for the promise.

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As each one of us has multiple desires and one life to live, we also have one planet to call home, we have conceived an idea of a new home for mankind in the future. An idea of which its fruition would be optimistically viable in the long run. A mental picture of a martian experience walking the mind from time to time in exchange for what's known.

Imagine setting foot on the surface of the red planet. Would be able to grow your cereal and vegetables on the new home soil. It's an idea of a million trials of every kind to reach that perfection. Nevertheless, many of mankind's generations might come to pass to fulfill this human martian dream.

When I think of tomorrow, I think of life in a different way on Earth or even different ways in terms of knowledge, values, morals, perception somewhere else in the universe. Maybe this exists only in minds and dreams. It's the tiniest particle that floats on its own without support in the world of senses and meaning.

Motivated by discoveries due to unending explorations and reasoning I believe in the power of light through darkness giving light to the shadow of dreams and wishes. It's kind of craving for a taste of unexperienced circumstances of extraterrestrial life, but felt and dreamt of. Before I think of going to rest, I gaze into the sky seeing that star shading its red light. Kindling desires of mankind in whatever capacity to endure the test of time and awaiting.

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