Clothing to Sheltering with Elegance


The astonishing beauty of nature in designs never stops me from smiling and wondering each day. See that art in the plumage of a peacock tail, or see the art in any flower in the wild. They both look beautiful to the eyes. It's the art of clothing is the beauty of the universe.

The art of clothing is the beauty of the universe

It's an awesome language of clothing in garments and costumes in the true nature of life and humans. Nature is mysterious when it comes to discovering and understanding its ways of art.

It is a smile of nature. Well clothed in the beauty of trees in leaves, grasses, birds, clouds, and flowers that come and go with seasons. Also, permanent features like rocks, hills, rivers, and valleys keep the Earth beautiful. 
The art of clothing is the beauty of flowers

As art that lacks boundaries in the universe, fashion is inspired by the natural world. An art that penetrates the hearts through eyes and illusions. A warm heart is a dancing one, sheltered and clothed in beauty with elegance of a flower, a leaf, and so on. A heart that dances to its beats for the life of art and glory.

Frozen mountains appeal to eyes clothing in frost and ice. Barren lands wearing a hot patched smile. It's the power of a natural whispering artistic language. The language of magic and disguise in the world of chameleons and stick mantis.

The language that nourishes cultures and the art of design, modeling, and marketing. The language embraces everything into a common nature of life in the wonders of art.

Ranging from wearing a heart to wearing warmth, sadness, and bitterness. Needing weather that maps fashion trends by socially meaningful trends and transforms the situation making new garments to fitting different aspects and purposes enhanced by fabric type and material designs as well as talent and technology. 

That woolen to those of cotton polyester and nylon, leather, and those mixed with different materials metallic(gold, silver, and diamonds) as well as tree barks. Even try to look beautiful like that colorful bird among the flowers in the garden.

The art of clothing is the beauty of the bird

Interestingly a modern determining factor of the game is in the sports kit. This factor drives fans to a sense of the moment of the game with authority and royalty. Also, a sense of pride in players and sports fans is enhanced by sports kit fashion design.

A safe home in a body that is sheltered from cold, heat, light, and darkness. Clothing to bring that sense of an occasion, moments, time, feelings, beauty, gender, affiliations and identity, rank and status, pride and prestige are both culturally and customary embedded in our daily lives.

Clothing is a voice that speaks for itself. Some people dress to communicate. Questioning that smile, trusting that look. Introducing, making new, old, and younger. Showing an accomplished, delicate personality dedicated to passion and dreams. Making the past present and now becomes the future.

Wearing to cover that delicate heart and its power storage. In the head, the mind travels at an electric speed in a body that rolls back and forth to claim its existence in the sense of reality. Sheltering the guardian who looks for an old lost friend. A friend who was swallowed by pride, anger, grudge,  trickery,  hypocrisy, frankness as well as fear.

Matching outfits, modeling, and designing to find again that touch of class,  era, modernity, and attraction. Suits and neckties, trousers and skirts, earrings, necklaces, a watch, haircuts, hairdressing, shoes a catwalk, etc.  Melting of styles across traditions and cultures, bringing a taste of cultures in one pot.  Perfumery mimics flowery fragrance and a natural feeling of beauty.

Shimmering and shiny,  as it's to nature with its natural beauty, clothes are woven from fabrics of imaginary stars. Being intimate witness astonishing art of color, light, and texture. Human art proved with intimate relationship between beauty and clothing, while wearing colors  is associated with the human psychology for confidence, peace, love, and authority.

As trees and grasses wear leaves and flowers in seasons, wear a smile and speak to others in a language of clothing, personality, and appearance. Don't fake to appear authentic. A real pretty impression is in the invention, freedom from feeling good mythical beauty, and connection with a sense of natural self beauty. 

The art of clothing is the beauty of the mountains

Yarn in a fabric of beauty accomplished by wonders of the world. Wonders are far away and sometimes are right there to be discovered in each fiber and get turned into a solution to shelter and clothing with fashion. 

Chasing a dream makes you discover the power of that yarning. Bring illusions into reality with a crochet pattern, needle sewing machine, and designs to reflect on cultural appropriation and values.

Put on that smiling face when you put on that favorite outfit of yours. Plant flowers, trees, and grasses to make your surroundings beautiful and smiley. Smile back when nature smiles back at you. Share this beautiful home with your beautiful neighborhood. It's a home inside, it's a home outside.

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  1. Wow, that is beautifully written! Never did I see clothes the way you made me do by reading these words of yours. Thank you! The next time I put on a red shirt I will think of it as a rose, as part of nature that we are surrounded with. ❤

  2. I love the way this was written. The way you mixed nature with the art of clothing was beautiful. I really like this part "It's the power of a natural whispering artistic language.The language of magic and disguise in the world of chameleons and stick mantis." Nicely written :)

  3. Nice blog post I get good information

  4. I agree, it speaks about. The way you look and dress

  5. Very inspirational!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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