Living to Find an Answer to Fundamental Questions


In this life, there is so much to do and learn each day. Many issues appear with demands to solve them. We are a world of many puzzles. The puzzles require us to use our brains and thinking capacity to maximum efficiency. We are entangled in a spectrum of Philosophical and Scientific Fundamental questions.

As we celebrate each birthday in our lifetime,  the time to live becomes shorter and shorter,  each day passes with less light.

Fundamental questions
The light in the clouds of problems and questions.

We try to do everything we desire. Problems arise with questions to answer each day. Although the horizon of knowledge and wisdom expand as we get old, we see the future in each lesser light of the day. Life is a problem to solve each day. A problem that defines the meaning of existence as a living being.

With little light each day, I manage to look around and get lost in the world of scenarios. It is an amazing day each time I stumble upon a landscape that brings a wonderful scenery of difficult questions. Sometimes I don't even know what's the correct answer in books and great minds. The source of everything, the universe, keeps the brain bubbling with questions and ideas.

A search for answers.

I see nobody cares for the answers but what has been said multiple times. I feel people like to see what is seen many times. I wonder handful care about deep ways to answer and meaning. Each day comes with different elements of light. The light shakes the core of the hidden truth. The past is a clue to that light. And maybe sometimes the future is the perfect light of knowledge for an appropriate solution.

It's then true that any answer can be correct depending on the situation, data, knowledge, theory, and time. We keep on working to find light in the data, and situations and tasting the value of the light since conclusions are likely to be many. Solutions processes answers. The problem processes questions.

Our world is like movie scenery. Seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, and even years pass with questions. Some questions are simple, while other questions are complex. Some questions require simple processes others require complex processes. Some questions require urgent care and process as they need to answer a fundamental theorem of a phenomenon to provide a quick and lasting solution to a problem.

Ancient ways of answering ultimate questions are primitive ones. The human mind still evolves. Someday we shall reach there to discover the core truth that will enable us to answer these questions perfectly. The human DNA will someday instruct a change in behavior and our entire knowledge about ourselves and the universe.

Knowledge like the air we breathe is free. Be it philosophy, science, arts, etc. Getting it shapes our consciousness. It's hard to know everything but we can grasp a lot and learn as much as we can. Problems come and go. Some problems arise into existence and stay haunting us day and night. Scientific and Philosophical procedures need to be applied.

Techniques to finding answers.

  • Discussions.

Two people or a group of people can share thoughtful insights on the questions arising as a result of a problem. Using their minds to think individually and collectively can prove successful.

  • Problem-solving skills.

Empirical and practical processes help to work on data and hence conclusions. Train your mind to problem-solving skills such as; Defining the problem, Generating alternatives, Evaluating and selecting alternatives, and implementing solutions.

  • Research.

Reading on the records recorded in the past. Examining the clues of correct answers from the past. Also employing techniques such as observation and queries and empirically proving with evidence. Read, learn, study, analyze and take what makes common sense according to correct reasoning and findings.

  • Logical and Rational analysis.

Critical thinking and delving into the problem using correct reasoning. Also weighing two parties to the problem can bring key ideas that give answers to fundamental questions regarding the phenomenon. Trust your instincts and intuition. The answers are in yourself as an individual powerful soul.

  • Computing and calculating.

Assigning artificial intelligence, and the most advanced supercomputers to do increasingly complex problem-solving tasks can fill the gap left by the human brain and come up with the most satisfying answer to the most difficult questions.

Probably the most fitting answer may come through the above careful screening processes. Our life is a bunch of unanswered fundamental questions such as:

  • What is the origin of life?
  • How did the universe begin, what is it made of, and what determines its evolution, Is the universe expanding?
  • Why does life begin, continue, and end?
  • What are the laws of nature?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Why there are so many problems and troubles in this world?
  • Who am I?
  • What am I ought to do with the life and time I have? etc.

Eventually, we die while still trying to find meaning in this short life, leaving behind many lessons and questions to be learned and answered regarding how we spent our lives. Our bodies expire rapidly to the extent that we can't keep up with the time but suffer and perish away.

Knowledge and answers do expire as well. Today's answers will probably not fit to answer future questions. Maybe, today's problems are too complex to be solved completely. Therefore better skills and techniques with an aid of technology will define our common problems and shape answers to fundamental questions in the future. 

Perhaps the fundamental problem, question, and answer to existence is life itself. Living to any living being brought problems and questions with ways to solutions and answers. The key is to keep searching for better solutions and answers as we advance through time and ages generations.

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