In the Stillness I Find a Sanctuary


In the stillness of air,

I find it easy to think,

A leaf in the cool wind,

The oceans are clear.


In the stillness of time,

I find nothing to worry,

In the motionless moment,

It's clear the freedom.

In the stillwater,

Waves sattled for a day,

Fishes search for tides,

A sailor sails like a hunter.

In the clear sky,

Oceans of stars,

Fireworks set for a night,

Navigator maps the journey,

In a mind stillness,

Thoughts lost in blues,

Meditation's food for a soul,

Mind swings in nothingness.

In a still morning,

A weather for a still mind,

A productive moment,

Looking towards evening.

In the day of still dark,

To time it's a home,

A home for boredom,

The bondage away from light.

In a night of still dark,

To life is energy restoring,

A moment of dreaming,

Freedom from light.

It's the time for navigating,

When still the oceans,

Outmaneuvering wrath,

Wrath fueled by tides and wind.

When the oceans are ready,

Ready for a battle,

Take your strength to sanctuary,

Keep cool,dust settles.

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