Shoes of Colors of Imagination


This is a short song(sonnet) about my casual ragged shoes. The only shoes are the color I like to put on.

Ragged shoes

I have stumbled upon imagination thinking about how this old pair of Sneakers have impacted and humbled my life. Other People's Shoes – Empathy, Imagination, and the Idea of a moral perspective.

The shoes are a pair of feet making a poem in a bumpy journey of colorful life at least for now. How does it feel to wear somebody's shoes?

Enjoy reading!!!

On my only shoes,

Every time I sleep,

I dream of the colors,

The colors of my deep,

The shoes fading colors,

The colors walk and gap.

In shoes prideful humble,

Imagination in the shoes,

Many of them stumble,

Being in someone's shoes,

The shoes a story ramble,

The journey of the shoes,

Rumbling views jumble,

A shoe with a shoe are shoes.



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