Influence of Image in Life


As the morning comes with its image, the day comes with even brighter images. The outer picture is a reflection of an inner picture of mood, character and true nature of beauty, and so on. 


Images have a greater influence on our lives in various ways in our personal lives, worldview, history, learning, and inspiration. Images are a greater proof of what's going on in reality.

Taking a look at my old pictures reminding of a story that is filled with even more pages of images. That's the power of images. Images in the medical field, science, arts, and astronomy. 

The influence of Image is universal and so powerful. From conceptual images, and imaginative images, to real images and their application as well as meaning.

We find images in our dreams envisioning the future. Look around you, image is everywhere. In the sun there is light. The light is the energy of the image. From self-image, and awareness as well as self-reflection to life image transformation.

Images in the dark paint light. Images in the light paint colors. Naturally, images are a work of the eye and mind. We believe that light is real when we see mind-moving objects and so on.

We also feel the reality of our world by simply using image technology such as microscopes, ultrasound, MRI, or CT scans, observing the sky using telescopes, taking pictures using cameras, digital art, or drawing and painting our imaginative world with pencils on paper and canvas.

The Influencial Usefulness of Images.

  • Imaging is a tool that can help in making better decisions about treatments. Screening suspicious abnormalities for example mammograms is an imaging tool for screening breast cancer. Diagnosis and staging, guiding treatments, determining the effectiveness of treatment, and monitoring disease recurrence.
  • Stargazing has the power to reconnect us with nature. Our minds soak up in awe of the enormousness of the star-filled sky, that's how we get lost in nature with a sense of cosmic lights. It evokes creativity and reduces stress and also, makes us happy.
  • Images in photographs and camera photographing have the strength to influence calmness, creativity, and Imagination. It's a powerful means of taking us back in time into our childhood memories when we look at that old picture of ourselves. 
  • Painting and drawing improve self-esteem, problem-solving skills, and memory as well as increase emotional intelligence. By drawing or painting we touch our feelings and emotions uniquely. We can therefore touch our imagination and memorize useful ideas.
  • Images serve a communicative purpose. Infographics can be used to simplify the presentation of complex data in an easily understandable manner. Also, a diagram sketch, comic strip, or illustration, simplifies elaborating a complex work. Images, therefore, make people get involved making science more engaging and joyful. Also in marketing images make people get engaged easily, therefore improving sales.
  • Images Help Shape People’s Identity. Self-images can decide what to change to create a good reflection of ourselves in society. The way we think about ourselves influences how we feel and interact with others. A positive self-image contributes to increasing our social, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellness.

Images have magic to influence the mind and thinking direction. A moving mind attracts images in the stillness and movements of the universe. 

An image is a reflection of a communicating object in the sense that it tells a lot from the hidden meaning in allegories, metaphor, and symbolism.

Images have the quality of warmness, texture, sharpness, calmness, and brightness as to the mind's perception and contextual aspect of reality.

Still-images, animations and moving images, images in motion make us see the world equally and differently at the same time in the streaming visions of fragile minds and flashing imagination.

Images are a reflection of reality. Light is a reflected reality of our physical nature and the illusive nature of our minds. It's the reflection of who we are. Some think in images and also dream in images of the future, they see the future as a reflection and fusion of the past and present.


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