The Bridge Between Mind and Reality


Looking closer connected to a dot like a bead. It's a vision that keeps extending into a line. A line brings an impression of information and reality. What we see has nothing to do with what we perceive and believe. 

Mind reality
The third Eye is the Mind that speaks  Subconsciously. The Bridge is between Language and Information, it's established between Mind and Reality.

Reality is the quality of existence according to knowledge. Also, it is the state of natural existence according to procedures, facts, and measurement, and the dissimilarity between justified belief and opinion.

What we perceive is part of what we can't find. The mind replaces it with the gap that lingers between the actual reality and the creative reality which is constructed based on imagination and beliefs.

According to neuroscience, the relationship between the material matter of the brain and the mind is that of the absence and presence of consciousness. 

Information and Reality.

  • What stands between the mind and the truth is the mirror which has a lot of information. The mind lingers on the mirror of the matter as the natural world stands still. 
  • The actual reality is the physical world it's comparable to the cosmic consciousness. It's the reflection of information hidden beyond its reality.
  • The mind is not a physical object it has information about the physical world subconsciously. Therefore, we can describe reality using information from our surroundings.
  • Information can be definite and meaningful if we look deep through the window of the mind and sanity. It exists with language, it's also processed and disseminated by the subconscious reality of the self.
  • Information can be considered a key part of the quantum manifestation of reality along with matter and energy.

Technology and Reality.

  • Technology has power over reality. As it fastly grows with information processing, it defines social changes and ethics. It's a symbol of a new reality.

  • Brain structures such as computational devices and the content of mental processes are regarded as the bridge between the mind and reality.

  • The technology provides clear inferential cognitive networks resulting from neural physiological and imaging data. 

  • Moreover, the measurable brain function as well as learning and discovery about the dynamic nature of cognition of the self is a bridge between reality and the mind.

It's the world of the mind trying to understand situations, feelings, and experiences. Shaping them into tangible meaning and information.

I'm trying to believe and think at the same time as I imagine. Is there anything like a meaningful gap between matter and the mind? How can the mind be derived from matter?

The mind affects reality as the matter takes shape of the brain. The brain is an organ of the mind. Brain activities make the mind function as the self. 

Consciousness makes sense of awareness. The bridge can be the conscious sense of dual mind and body while the gap is lacking that sense of connection between matter and reality.

How it feels has no difference with how it's perceived. Consciousness and feelings produce reality in perceptions. We can feel it in the conscious experience, however, seeing and believing are not experiences of consciousness but imperfections of reality.

The reality created by the brain depends on the survival interest of a living thing. Reality is an invention that builds the bridge between subjectivity and objectivity of our environment. Our outer world partly creates the so-called perceived reality on the other side the mind finishes the foundation of reality as actuality.

Reality is not stable because perception and beliefs distort it. The mind is the bridge between perception and reality. Imagination can be a bridge between the distorted perceived reality when the ideas bear fruits of practical reality.


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