Evolutionary Design of Nature and Human History

Everything is perfect in this life. It's not only complete in its way and unique but it is also peculiar in how it stands firm against the changes or slightly transforms to fit in the situations and environment and needs of a particular time.
Nature's design

According to constructal theory, the essential design occurs in nature to determine the direction of the phenomenon and time direction as self-standing laws that determine the flow of patterns and designs in nature and evolution through it. Locomotion, lung designs, river basins, and vegetation are excellent patterns  of these principles.

Naturally, design is a historical evolutionary event that allows our universe to adjust itself over history and time. Capable of revolutionizing the time and purpose of existence as a life. The stars shine in the sky without ceasing based on the universe's evolutionary design to serve what's is supposed to.

Examining the structures and system as well as patterns in nature it's indeed peculiar how nature designs itself. It's both a biological and physics principle of natural design that comes with a reason for its survival. Evolved millions of years ago as a pattern of life and natural existence commanded to be so by the force of its nature.

Look at the landscape and vegetation, its natural design that redesigns and reshapes allows them to evolve as permanent routines of natural scenery or natural manifestations of patterns. Natural designs shape the human mind to think when life adjusts itself in small patterns into larger ones.

It's nature that shaped the evolutionary design into perfection of mastery of survival and adaptability in behavior and tendencies. The evolutionary design of the human neural network has a unique ability to extract information from nature and use it as meaning.

  • The design of nature takes humans into the group of creatures who can think, invent and use complex tools. Individually we have a peculiar set of evolutionary skills that is shaped by the day-to-day undertakings of life.
  • Nature designs us through our daily behaviors and habits. Through our actions, we shape ourselves naturally or we destroy ourselves. As part of the design of nature, our life purpose is determined by evolutionary adjustment and adaptability to changes and development.
  • Evolutionary adjustment comes in many faces. From technology and inventions to knowledge and discovery over time. We are the change that nature wants when we destroy ourselves with our actions. Human actions are an essential tool for nature to redesign itself for the future.

Nature designs the systems in patterns that fit its purpose and fundamental needs over time. Designing own elimination and deleting from the very own design is a matter of turning what is useful into the garbage. While nature designs and readjusts itself the human mind draws data to mimic it.

The discarded designs can become functional and useful as diamonds, gold, and oil are relevant in human systems. Humanity becomes inhuman, as meaning drawn from nature creates knowledge. This becomes minerals to nourish the soil in the chemical's evolutionary and machine-like process, where nature reshapes itself with its design.


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