Borderless Mirror

A man using a smart phone

Who Controls the Internet?: Illusions of a Borderless World. Is the Internet erasing whatever kind of borders? It's a mirror about the fate of one idea--that the Internet might liberate us forever from barriers, borders, and even our physical selves.

Like a thought,
With imagination, you can travel.
It's the mirror you face it,
As you live well.

As you use it,
It unveils a nail.
As you hide your face,
It prints as you rail.

You need it as you want,
The real-time world daily.
You create now, it consumes it,
As you mail.

It's contagious like a virus,
It kills as it heals your heel.
It has no wall as it takes,
It gives a tale with a tail.

The mirror is smart,
Enough to float and sail.
The air and water are a keyboard,
Light enough to carry.

Plus or minus,
It has victory.
Black or white, color or colorless,
It has no country.

Divisions with times,
It has no territory.
On the land and in the clouds,
Iron trees link detail.

It's the reality,
Moments are real,
It's the truth,
Lies spread facts truly.

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