Imagination Attracts Reality

A girl in imagination

When you think, you not only see new peculiar things, but also you view the possible things. It's fascinating! Imagination is creation, we attract reality with our enigmatic minds by simply imagining. 

Due to its cognitive nature, imagination can attract reality in a unlimited fields of ideas and senses. Imagination is free and it can not go beyond the true nature of a thinking mind.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life's coming attractions" -Albert Einstein.

It's not about the useless things, or meaning less ideas, but it's rather about the true nature of reality in the universe. The unseen is not the impossible or the nature of fear and despair, it's the truth hidden so that it becomes openly disclosed by the power of the mind. 

We gain knowledge through imagination. Imagination is not only the vehicle that makes us travel far away from the real world but also it's an important means of stirring and tossing the world over and around like a piece of a dice and discovering more about it.

We attract reality by imagination. We build our dreams by imagination. The life we are living is the gift that shines with attractive ideas powered by imagination. We dream and see the future before it appears to us as now. 

Life is a tree with imaginative leaves that grow in fruit bearing light. The shadow of this tree is  everything in anything we try to achieve. The unknown is the unseen shadow of this tree. As we find peace with our thoughts we discover a lot about the light.

Attractive as its light, imagination has all that we may need to thrive in this world. To preview the possible things, open you mind, let it soar above the clouds into the realms of the unknown.

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