The Price of Being the Best


It's an undeniable fact that hard work may take us to imagined success and fame. We may become stars and claim an admirable place in the eyes of the community and even the world.

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As we ascend to the top, eventually become the best among the great by doing the best and achieving the best. But always we forget the price of being the greatest and the best.

"What goes up eventually comes down."

Having interesting fame comes with its price. It may cost nothing to become a star and sometimes it takes a lot of energy and effort to become the best among the stars. Keeping the top status of success is an even greater challenge.

Success is achieving the attempted, but success is more worth it when it's perceived positively by society. Also, it makes sense to yourself in terms of happiness and peaceful life.

Success may propel a person into stardom. Also, stardom is linked to internet maladaptive behavior and celebration worship. Hence, affecting an individual's self-control towards addiction and obsession with being a star or worshipping famous people.

Success is a hard thing to keep as it depends on your gender, background, and career of your choice as well as experience. The attitude of being a high achiever also motivates as it adds an intrinsic value to maintain the status and achieve even more in life.

Not only much effort is required to maintain the status of being the brightest star but also to improve one's attitude towards a new level of life. In this life, lessons are accompanied by failures, rejections, and so on.

On the other hand self-awareness, determination, and positivity at every level of life are very important as it helps to cool down to keep up with the right pace as we journey through life.

In addition, the choices we make may lead us to good or bad outcomes. While on top of fame we need to identify what things are good or bad, whose things or groups are good and worth a choice, and be ready for an outcome that our actions and choices produce.

Maintaining the status of being the brightest shining star is a challenge that every star must face while on the zenith of success.

1. Envy is among the disturbing issues we may experience as we claim the highest peak of success from other people which may cause vulnerability.

2. Fear and anxiety of failing and dropping down, because as we go up, the higher the risk of coming down, and the space on the top is too narrow to accommodate all the competing stars.

And if we don't be careful the drop may be harder and its bang may become even louder than expected.

3. Being blinded by fame and pride may lead us to lose self-control and instead live fake life trying to run away from reality and its truth. 

4. Becoming an idol for mass gratification and abandoning your original identity as a person that once people used to identify you with, admire and learn from.

5. We may forget about our background and our past which makes us who we are and deny the reality that comes with good things and lessons that guide us through life.

6. Lifestyle changes suiting the world's perception and celebrity's drive may become overwhelmingly stressful.

Lastly, as we struggle to live and seek the peak of the mountain top of success and fame we have two options.

Either we keep the effort to maintain the status, outlasting rivalry or we stay at the point where we may learn, accept and embrace an ordinary life status and be in a comfort zone.


Fame and Fortune May Come At The Ultimate Price.

Zsila, Á., McCutcheon, L. E., & Demetrovics, Z. (2018). The association of celebrity worship with problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, and desire for fame. Journal of behavioral addictions, 7(3), 654–664.

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