Finding the Best with Character and Trait

Mind drawing of an imaginary distant entity, gazing through to see the details that make a blueprint of who we are as individuals.

Having been born with different abilities and traits, being unique at perceiving and understanding things. This gives

Behavior and trait

each one of us a chance to work out through different life situations differently. A continuous change in life leads to development and innovations which require new skills, decision-making, readiness, knowledge, and consistency.
Encountering troubles when life changes also require emotional intelligence and personality trait that fits the situation.

Each one of us is useful to this life differently.

Personality affects the character and moral standards are set equally regardless of one's traits. Duty and obligations define one's moral character and behavior that make us flourish as individuals.

Differences in terms of reasoning and developing one's inborn traits, form the virtue of kindness and usefulness for the good and wishes of the society as well as individually.

Since we are different from each other, the worst enemy is in each one of us with small differences we have among ourselves that make us peculiar from one another. Making a harmonious cohesiveness needs a bridge between the differences, overcoming one's ego and pride.

Life is full of errors that should be corrected by figuring out solutions daily and making adjustments to one's character.


When our world is too small, we try to expand its boundaries, enlarging the horizon to see differences and details in tastes of life. Sometimes minimizing the expanded horizon which overwhelms consciousness.

Horizon expansion contributes to much knowledge, hence the demand for accommodation and effective use of knowledge because knowledge is the power that gives freedom. A true realization of a dream depends on exposure to myriad circumstances and situations that give opportunities.

Much knowledge brings power, however, the more we know the sadder we may become.


Remembering that I have one life only one life to live and a dream to live for. Being happy is all that matters most in this life. Therefore sorrow must be a temporary situation triggered by misfortunes and tough life moments.

Balancing between happiness and sadness equals a salty taste and satisfaction.


Lastly, we need to be at home in peace wherever and whenever, at any moment of life. A soulful dedication and passion get life and time back.

A bumpy ride with mental and body toughness strengthens the body and soul to endure and bear even the most demanding life's situations marking a truly detailed blueprint.

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