A Living Nature of Stories

Each day passes for life to write its story. A story is different from every cycle of night and day. In a busy city in a street is a tree that buzzing bees call home, a home of stories and memories.

A flowing river flows with a story that its water carries, waters that weigh the former ushering in the future at present. The beauty of nature tells the true story of our inner world reflecting to resonate with what is in the natural physical world.
A Notebook for a story
The human mind is a processor and a narrator of heroic experiences of real and imaginary characters. Humans believe in stories, and science and nature make interesting stories.

The birds and insects that fly and sing along in the wake of day and night, the coming of a new season tell stories that reveal nature's way of life. The cycle of life of the mighty beasts, birds, insects, land, and aquatic ecosystems through seasons come and go to write fascinating stories too.

Culture and archeology as well as classifications of past life in ages and eras.While the cold wind, dew, and fog tell a story of rain while dry land and its patched soil tell a story of the droughty season. Also, it's even more hopefully wonderful when the evening star tells a story about the morning star. 

From the stories among the commuters at the train station, bus travelers, reading clubs, cinema clubs, and sports spectators witnessing the story being written, to a bar and ballroom where music and drinks tell and write stories as well as eyes that drain to write a story in memories.

Stories are powerful whether they start and end tragically or fortunately, shaping the way we perceive our world and life in general.

1. The best stories are written down using fine characters. Uttered from those who witnessed, audiences of the genuine narratives.

2. The best stories are written by those who dare to write through dark hours of the day when energy is high and light is low.

3. A true story inspires and motivates a change for improvement as well as reflects one's aspirational wishes in life.

4. A true story is a life that keeps a company, it's a book that you wake up with, work on and sleep on.

5. A bittersweet story touches the heart, mind, and soul. Letting you feel life as a narration of characters, events, and moments by actions and genuineness.

Sometimes a fine storyline begins with a dream that is told thoroughly through imagination and innovation. For example an inspirational fascinating story of the Wright brothers' first plane flight on 17th December 1903 a story of a Jet engine plane and a Supersonic plane as well as rocket and space crafts technology in the 21st century.

In the end, storytelling helps us to understand how our world works. It is a social engagement in discovering and distinguishing the truth from untruth and common.

We make new stories each day, we are authors of our own stories and destiny. We have pens in our hands to tear whatever ink on the paper writing a book of our lives, a story that the audience will never predict and rarely claim to bear witness to.

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