Weakness against Strength in Vulnerability


Life is delicate. Our future is destined to succeed through odds, patience, hard work, and endurance. A balance between weakness and strength proves worth an effort.  Weakness in one part strengths the other part.  According to Geographical Channel; Humans Evolved Weak Muscles to Feed Brain's Growth.  Life evolves to balance between strength and weakness.

To every certain giftedness to one's life proves weakness in other spheres of life. This is a reason why we're naturally designed to need others, to share,  care, and problem-solving to improve each other.

Nevertheless, the human limitation is the driving force behind technological enforcement. We imagine and create new inventions that are likely to bridge the gap between human limitations and imperfections by discovering and deploying new technologies such as useful tools, devices, machines, and robots. Through technological advancement, we can explore new adventures and make the impossible become reality. 

On top of that, empowering children, and youths and have daily struggled to give opportunities to these groups of people. To any society, the basis of development, freedom, and a prosperous future is in empowering youths, children, and women. 

On the other side,  limiting weaknesses may overwhelm us, keeping our daily life staggering and even harder. From weakness in personality and behavior, character, and emotions to age and physical weakness gender as well as health issues. Also, exposure to natural disasters and social problems such as poverty, discrimination, and marginalization may leave us in a state of vulnerability. 

In addition according to UNESCO elderly people, people with disabilities, refugees, and vulnerable communities around the globe are hardly trying to keep up with the current situation as they struggle against the covid-19 pandemic.

We indeed find ourselves in pain, fear, and doubt as well as stranded at a certain point in our lives. Lack of self-esteem, wit, passion, and belief in ourselves is normal when our weakness is of great concern. We tend to forget and take for granted the light that shines beauty and power in vulnerability.

Light is intangible and only can be felt but can burn and transform matter through changes, while the vulnerability is abstract but can be felt and can bring changes and improvement through adaptability,  flexibility, and transformation.

The time to go down comes through spots of weakness in our lives. The time to be lifted and elevated comes with the spot of the strength of our lives. Manipulating one's weakness by focusing on strengths about weaknesses may prove successful.

Water is soft but can flow, break, degrade, and transform rocks from one form to another, while vulnerability can be a fragile and volatile state of life that has the power to bring new admirable things as water does to rocks where beautiful landscapes are the results of water reaction to bring new features and life to thrive.


Time to discover one's point of weakness takes trial and error. When you try doing something and you end up doing it badly, it's time to learn an important lesson, so that you identify your weakness and learn to improve and do better or find an alternative way. Also, learning gives clues that lead to understanding better about yourself as a group or an individual and taking a move towards challenges.

Benefits of discovering your weakness and your strengths.

  • Gives precautionary steps toward protection against vulnerability.
  • It provides a chance to control emotions and feelings and behave properly depending on the situation.
  • It reduces the risk of what is unnecessary.
  • It aids with determination and careful planning as well as execution.
  • It provides fluidity changes to behavior and attitude suiting one's weaknesses and strengths.

When in the struggle we are likely to succeed even more when we put forward the strong points. Exposing the weak spot is both helpful and dangerous, however, putting forward the weakest point sometimes pays off.

Grow through weakness.

  • Be honest with yourself. Learn self-respect and discipline. It takes courage, effort, and time to grow and rise through weakness.
  • Wronging is a chance to learn and improve.
  • Lessons and achievements in life come with sacrifice and risk as well as vulnerability.
  • Understand others and yourself. Everybody has their problems and weaknesses. Focus on your problems and weakness to improve others and yourself.
  • Envision a brighter future through obstacles and imperfections.
  • The Power of vulnerability is access to strength in you.

Therefore, when you dream big, see and feel your strength against the spot of weakness. When you change, change considering your strong point, protecting your weak point as well as improving on it.  Weaknesses are not a limitation towards making progress, but rather it's a challenge to improve, find an appropriate solution, and do better.

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