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Visualizing a boy and a girl in school uniforms. As they try to catch up with lessons every day with a hope of a wonderful career.Schooling realitiesIt's the dreamer's reality in the daily routine to reach up to modern world standards of living.

Modern life is highly influenced by what's recommended and provided by public education systems. Most of us spent the early years of our lives going to school, studying, and learning to prepare ourselves for the future days of our lives in the highly competitive job market. It is the same trend for today's generation and generations to come. 

The best schools in the best education systems are highly likely to cater to the demands of the modern job market. While the less-developed educational systems in the poor communities and countries of the world give very little to changes required to meet the needs of modern life and its realities. As they are characterized by walking long distances to attend lessons, starving, poor learning, and teaching conditions as well as a shortage of learning and teaching materials.

Pursuing a dream career or just doing what society and its systems prescribe. What you went to school for determines what's your future likely to be. Also, kind job skills, how those skills are provided by education systems as well as quality is of major concern.

How it's likely to be a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a manager, a lawyer, a soldier, a politician, a coach, an engineer, a farmer, or a person behind the driving wheel, and so on. Influence from teachers, parents, neighbors, relatives, and agemates gives us a chance to decide what kind of people we want to become and the career we want to pursue. Also, famous people and the people who are regarded as role models by our societies tend to shape our job choices regarding demand and admiration as well as anticipation.

Some people do find themselves in a situation where they feel contented, loving, and enjoying doing what they like the most. Doing a job or serving in a career of your dream and interest is great. This is because you have passion and dream of a job at a tender age.

While you enjoy doing what you like, others do their jobs because of a decent paycheck. These individuals dreamt of the money they could earn by serving at a particular time and doing a well-paying job. Money makes the world go round. These individuals believe that "Money is a driving force to any hardworking person".

To others having something to do daily is great. They do not care whether the job pays well or not. To this individual working and toiling is the essence of well-being and human dignity. Life isn't meant to be passive but active and at rest from time to time. A job or career is providing service to the people who need it. Therefore these individuals do different sorts of work or services in different careers because they love to. Success in life comes by giving good service.

Some people did not love their current jobs or careers at first because they were not part of their dreams, but later they adapted and enjoyed doing them. They developed a passion and dedicated their time and energy to their careers. They turned things around eventually and get to enjoy what they do.

Others do complain each day of their lives while serving in a career that is not their dream. They do the jobs because the system forced them to or because of poverty and so on. These individuals do look tired, and sad and do not give 100% of their energy and time to the job instead they try doing other things outside of their careers to have fun, enjoy, and even pursue the careers of their dreams by studying or doing part-time jobs in the fields of their passions.

In the end, choosing a career is great since your dreams are channeled toward it. However, the choice may prove unsatisfying due to an ever-changing trend in the job market. Science and technological development are reasons for this dynamism in the job market. IT-related jobs and the application of IT skills in any job or career are important in today's world. Re-updating job skills is beneficial as well as learning new job skills helps to keep up with the changes.

The newly emerging jobs in the fields of space science research, computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, environmental science, and so on add pressure and concern to job seekers, students, and the entire educational system to tap into the demand and changes of the current situation.


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The Jobs of Tomorrow.

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  5. I can understand the pressures felt to pursue a certain type of job / career pathway from family and close ones. At the end of the day, it is your choice and decision to make.

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  8. great article. The modern education system have a lot of change to do, to better prepare all the students for the reality of life and work force...

  9. I agree with Sagit the education system does have a lot of change to do , for what the real world has to offer them as worker, and future college students . I know that my school year did not do enough for me as student but I manage I own my cleaning business.

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