Nature of Love and Detest in Life


Guess seeing two images in one face staring at you. An image that loves against an image that detests. Then take a looking mirror. Look at your face in the mirror. Think of your character in your own life and the lives of other people such as a spouse, friends, relatives, fellow workers, and strangers. And again thinking of a cold shoulder in that warm touching heart.

In reality and imagination, it's loving and detesting what is true and real. Just because in every image there are two sides. Two parts of the light. Day and night in the absence and presence of the sun. Love and hatred in the absence and presence of love. It's the elements of love as well as hate, that make a full aspect of love. Love and hatred staring in the face.

Born out of love, detest as the opposite, germinates as a seed from peace, trust,  goodwill, kindness, gratitude, and also honesty. Detest/hate/hatred seed appears like another page of life. Surely it's fueled by mistrust, animosity, cruelty, lies,  misunderstanding, and so on.

Pages of hatred and love
Life in the pages of hate and love.
Our perception towards life and things surrounding life are of love and detest at the same time. It is a book of pages of loving and hating.

Nature of Love and Hate.

The nature of each person is obscured by little changes in mind, and heart(hormonal and emotional changes). Sometimes we can be blinded by what we feel about something, or a person with favoritism, double standard, prejudice, and biases as well as jealousy, because love and hate/envy are related. Both hate and love are associated with the oxytocin hormone. This is according to a research article published on Science Daily in 2009.

Moreover, the research shows that oxytocin(hate, love, and feel-good hormone) is released by the brain. Affects how we respond, and express our emotions regarding hate and love. Oxytocin is released during hagging, showing empathy, and other forms of human contact. Nursing mothers release this hormone when nursing their infants. This hormone is said to be involved in creating trust, and social segregation among people as well.

People and things are the same wherever we go. What makes a difference is our perception and understanding. Good and bad in everyone. Whenever you look at a person you see both a person, a human, and an object of purpose. Love and detest rule your life. Hatred is a sour or bitter state of love, while sweetness and salty are cool tastes of love. Love and hate are triggered by the mind. Too sweetness or salty tastes signifies illness in love. As a stranger, you get a bottle of liquor for free where it's cheap. You hardly find a diamond among the glittering stars.

Viewing people in a spectrum. Beautiful faces in a draft of disguise. It is a spectrum of confusing hearts, in wonderful colors in smiles, laughter, depression, stress, and sorrow as well as anger. In a spectrum of the self. It's an image in a mirror that shouts, and whispers at the same time. It is an image of past mistakes and amended, and a fixed future.

Understanding the image, when you stare in the mirror. You glance at it many times each moment. Just to be careful with the fixed part of an image. You do more for that image. You give the image feelings, love,  fixation, and changes as you advance in years. That is the power to the self against the ugly former self. It is love to detest and love.

When you don't love, you hate yourself. You hate someone you love. When you love, you make yourself vulnerable waiting for love. The moon grows bigger as its days of life pass. Its light shines and looks astonishing as the days pass you by. It is love you missed to appreciate in those days when the moon was young, and it's light too weak to outshine the stars. Love wins always.

It's that love you didn't have. Maybe it's the love of a selfish heart. The heart that can't command the eyes, to stare at the image in the young moon. The heart whose interest is in the beauty of the stars, mistaken for diamonds.The heart that commands the mind, deep into imaginary diamonds and gold. What is amazingly interesting about love is that when love is pure and true conquers all.

The natural aspects of love as a tree that has a shoot, roots, and branches are linked with love, hate, and knowledge. Therefore, love and hate are based on knowledge. Knowing is loving, also hating is knowing. When you know about someone or something you are likely to love or hate,  depending on the knowledge you have about. The knowledge makes a sensible reason of love to love or to hate.

Torn between love and hate. You hate what is you, and love that is not you. You hate the image in the young former self. You see the mirror you break it into pieces. Pick up the wonderful pieces, make them into one image of tiny individual images. Change yourself to change the image. Look into the mirror, smile for what you hate, and laugh at what you love. Do this for each tiny image.

Lastly, think of an image in nature. The image shows no limitation to love. In nature, there are blessings, in every blooming flower. The flower that reminds us of the gentleness, and the greatness of being a beautiful, and delicate soul. The soul that nourishes every bee, with honey. The honey that gushes out of the fountains of peace, love, and honesty with trust, kindness,  generosity, caring, smile, and laughter.

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  1. Excellent article. It's interesting to read such content. Continue to do so. ��

  2. Loved reading your thoughts on this, it really got me thinking. I believe it is so much easier for us to feel hate towards someone or something when we are younger but as we grow older and wiser we question ourselves on why we ever detested something that really does not make a difference in the grand scheme or things. Nor does it help us on our physical or spiritual journies. There is a good and bad side to most situations but as we grow wiser we learn to find the good opposed to the bad, I believe.

    My uncle said to me when I was just 12 "There has to be bad days, there would be no good days without them. So stand up tall and take advantage of this big blue marble that we live on, love life but most of all, love yourself and others. Love brings you further than hate ever will." I remember it because I wrote it down because that was something I did as a child and now I remember that whenever I'm having a bad day.

    This post got me thinking about that day again. Thanks for sharing, I'll be back for more :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and insightful thoughts.🙏

  3. Very nicely written your post is so amazing.

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