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We enjoy our physical world, and we even notice something wrong with us, our surroundings, and even our cattle, and plants. We barely know to be sure what happens to us. In the air, in water, soil, on the floor, in our bodies, and on the surfaces of objects, we interact with the universe of tiny individuals. Beyond naked eyes, are wonders of life.

The singly human body hosts 10 microbes for every human cell, and these germs provide good conditions for digestion, produce vitamin K, promote the development of the immune system, and detoxify harmful chemicals. Also, microbes are vital to making many foods we like, such as bread, cheese, and wine.

Nature is the world of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi, as well as micro worms. In their microscopic life, they instruct and rule our physical world. They are a great part of our inner bodies' ecosystem. 

Take your imagination into the absence of these microscopic individuals. How would be this life without their company? Think of them as enemies and friends, but hard to differentiate them.


They have shaped the pharmaceutical world and changed our behaviors. From wearing masks to handwashing with sanitizers, and soaps. 

Also the use of condoms, and avoiding promiscuity. Moreover, the invention of more effective drugs and vaccines is also a race of the pharmaceutical companies against microorganisms.

We share the common space with these tiny individuals. Our world is a space for good and harmful tiny living organisms. The organisms shape our world and make it the way it appears. From the food we eat, drinks and beverages, we drink to probiotics and the way we grow our food, as well as treat our environment.

Benefits of micro-organisms we fear the most.

  • Bacteria help the fermentation process allowing us to make our foods such as cheese, bread, alcohol, and other drinks. Bacteria and certain species of fungi help to add flavor to food and drinks.

  • Scientific study shows that there are benefits of viruses, although we regard viruses as dangerous, and most feared microorganisms. Good viruses can be used to treat cancer and other viral diseases. They can be used to control the ecosystem. Viral diseases such as HIV, Ebola, COVID-19, HPV, Monkey Pox, and Zika are well-known diseases, that many of us can't stop thinking about. According to studies, there is a possibility of finding vaccines for viral incurable deadly diseases. Therefore viruses can be used to stop other harmful viruses and cure cancer.

  • Probiotics are another group of good bacteria, which help us with food digestion in our stomachs. They are recommended by doctors to solve digestive system problems. In yogurt and food supplements are found. They help to solve lactose intolerance. Lactose is a form of sugar found in milk.

  • The intestinal microbiota is another group of good micro-organisms, playing a great role in the well-being of a human being's body. They help the body absorb nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins like B12, and K from the food we eat in our stomachs. Moreover, it's very interesting, that scientists suggest these bacteria start to colonize an infant's body before and at birth. Microbiota is a group of microorganisms including bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes, and viruses present in a certain environment.

  • Bacteria help in the decomposition of dead organic matter. Hence, they promote healthy and clean surroundings. That is the way we can rid of diseases, and polluting substances in our surroundings.

  • Micro fungi such as Penicillium, besides spoiling food, can help humans to eliminate harmful bacteria. They are used to produce antibiotics, such as penicillin, which saved the lives of many people globally.

  • Also, skin-friendly communities(commensals) of bacteria help to protect the body. Skin-hosted to protect the first line of defense against invading organisms.

  • In addition, protozoans are a group of single-cell organisms. They regulate soil fertility by controlling the bacteria population and growth. They, therefore, aid plant growth by excreting nitrogen and phosphorus.

  • Micro worms help in the decomposition of organic material in the soil, nitrogen mineralization, and water infiltration due to their burrowing habits. Therefore promote good and healthy soil conditions. Also, micro worms are a good source of food for fish.

  • Therapeutic worms(helminths) can be used to treat diseases, such as inflammatory bowel diseases, hay fever, multiple sclerosis, and migraine headaches.

  • Nitrogen-fixing bacteria fix nitrogen in form of ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites. Cyanobacteria and Rhizobium in legumes such as beans, and groundnuts, as well as Azospirillum in cereal grasses, fix more than ninety percent of nitrogen in the soil. On top of that, nitrogen is an essential element of amino acids, which make up proteins and urea. Proteins help growth and reproduction in humans and other living organisms. Also enzymes, and hormones are produced in our bodies.

Generally, we can't live without these good individuals. Although we have started a war against them, sometimes it's hard to differentiate between a friend and an enemy. 

The chemicals in our foods, drugs such as antibiotics, lotions, and oils as well as soaps we use every day, deter and destroy both harmful, and good micro-organisms. Puts us in danger of having health problems, such as allergies, skin problems, and autoimmune.

A journal on epidemiological study related to the rise of allergies, and autoimmune cases in recent years show that, when we try to be too clean(hygiene hypothesis), we harm and kill the good microorganisms. Therefore giving a chance to the bad ones.

The application of industrial fertilizers, and pesticides endanger soil health. These substances are harmful to microscopic friends. Hence, makes us vulnerable to hunger, and food shortages due to the poor health of the plants on our farms.

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