An Immersion In Colourful Nature of Thinking


Thinking and finding my ways.

Checking my steps and making them steady,

A colourful mind
A colourful cloud in the waves of mind.

I do not rush just imagine, imagine and imagining again to be imaginatively immersed in colourful thinking.

I see those days without people around,immersed in nature with clouds.

I do not rush just think,think healthy and thinking again it's my own world in the people's world.

A living nature is an evolving one,

A changing time with it,

Feeling those hours and seconds running in my heart and mind,

I don't run them count,count and counting with them until the end.

In this tiny world it's a tinted window of clouds,

The mind in waves,the window is the brain,

I sleep on the clouds,dream,dream and dreaming until I see true images in the colourful thinking.

Storms in ending hours,

A sign of a troubled time in waves,

My voice in imagination clapping a comment on the images.

I sing,sing and swing until I fly to the realms of the unthinkable colours of a different world unfolding.

I know it's mine, 

It's me again, 

Against the memories, memorize, memorize,and memorizing until I find the chapter of me,I was searching.

I now know it's me again, 

Against mythical waves of time,

Again blurb,blurb,and blurbing in every book pages until I find the future of a lost piece.

A leaf in every tree,

Now against every piece of human trashy move,

I stare,stare and keep staring at every leaf,flower and fresh air I breath.

What I see,

Is a book full of pages of life,

I turn,turn and turning my nake overwhelmed by the forest.

I now know it's another round of pages,

In ages with a clap of branches in a breeze,

Doing clap,clap,and clapping until the claps open my eyes to see a bigger spectrum of colours widening.

In coloured thinking,

Trees and free butterflies and beetles in blues,reds and greens,

I see birds singing in colourful songs,

I wish,wish and wishing to see more days in those colourful trees.

I now feel the imagination wave,

It's an evolutionary wave,

In eyes,ears and skin  it's mind opening,

I visualize, visualize and visualizing just to see a picture speaking.

The picture says it's nature in me,

Nature in everyone's life with no limitation in it's ways.

Life thrives in nature,

Nature makes,makes and making to shaping every life on the Earth.

I rise from imagination to draw that bigger picture,

I rise,rinse as being immersed and washed,

With a pencil I draw,draw to make a drawing,

Scribbling with a pen,like a tortoise I develop a hard armour in which I hide the self fragile me.



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