Forces of Nature, an Agent of Change to Life


Each day we wake up to see the daylight. We welcome and embrace every change in time and life with hope and survival. We survive against the forces and odds of continuation and transformation in nature. We are change agents. We jeopardize the future of life on our planet.

Forces of nature
To escape we need to adapt to changes. Also, transform our habits and improve them to make things right.

Our natural world is in harmony with us,  because of the rhythmic flow of life in the ecosystems and the existence of natural forces.

We can be aware of the natural forces when in direct contact with both simple and complex elements of life in nature. The elements that make life possible. They are cosmic elements that affect life on the planet Earth directly, both positively and negatively.

Fire, water, earth(soil), and air make up the list of four elements of life in nature. Categorically, components of elements that make up the four elements above are carbon,  oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur other are minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and many more.

Natural life-supporting conditions in us living things are a result of larger forces that govern the universe. These are fundamental forces of nature.

Fundamental forces of nature in our lives

Forces of nature shake core ecological ways of life in the wild and human experiences.  We live in a world of gravitational force,  weak force, strong force, and electromagnetic force. 

Also, forces such as gravity have an evolutionary impact and health influence on life as it contributes to body balance stability and the wearing out of muscles in humans and other living things. It is hard to know how this works, but these fundamental forces of nature result in complex forms of life-giving and destroying situations in nature.

From the rain, sunlight during the day, and darkness at night to thunderstorms and lightning, wind, tsunami, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. Also deadly solar radiation and cancer diseases, microorganisms, and pandemic diseases, just to mention a few.

Using technology, we try to outsmart nature so that we can live happily. We work hard against the forces of nature to shape the future of mankind. We discover various ways of taming and using natural forces for our benefit.

For example, we can use electromagnetic force to generate energy and form communication systems through radio waves such as GPS and satellite, broadcasting television and radio, etc. 

We can do all that because radio waves are electromagnetic waves, like visible light,  infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays. Moreover, our planet has a magnetic field(geomagnetic field) that spans from the Earth's interior out into space, where it meets with the solar wind.

We can move things, perceive weight and even measure weight because of gravity. We can also move fastly across space and time by smartly controlling gravitational force, or even maneuvering through it,  though this is still in imagination only. 

We can navigate through space because of the gravitational force between celestial bodies in space. It is the power of life in destruction and forming. It is the reign of nature in the power of wonders. These fundamental forces of nature are unifying forces of the universe.

Humans as a force of nature in terms of improvement and restoration of life.

Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, humans have been notorious for overconsumption and destruction of natural resources and the environment. Humans have impacted nature negatively. The positive side of humans to the natural environment is to act as a force of positive change. 

The research article shows that the human-nature relationship is of great benefit in various ways, and this can also be a force of positivity to the natural environment and general human well-being.

Driven by a hunger for wealth and appetite. Food, time, diseases, and cures are strengths and weaknesses of the forces of nature. They make humans strong and weak at the same.

The secret behind every force is strength and weakness at the same time like fire. Heating and warming as well as scorching when at its extreme amount or point. Killing and saving at the same time.

Like any other living species, humans can save and destroy. We are the only ones to be blamed and take full responsibility to restore and save Usenet. Since we know the natural environment benefits, we need to be wise in terms of how we use natural resources.

Death is an evolutionary force. To put food on the table we kill animals. We also destroy and kill plants so that we can have furniture and food to satisfy our appetites and hunger.

It is the same situation in nature. A wildebeest feeds on grasses, a lion kills a wildebeest to live and continue its generation. It's an ecological interdependence of life species. It's that revolutionary force that makes life flourish in a balanced nature.

What is gone is still there as an effect of change. It is the force for change. It is the cause and effect for destruction and forming temporary as well as permanent evolutionary results. It is not possible to be there for the second time in the same state and form if had already been there. 

It's thought possible to carry on as a genetically passed-on life in the life of an offspring. The future is in our children, therefore we have a huge responsibility to ensure the restoration of our life and save our planet.

We are here to live and die being solutions and problems to life in nature. What surrounds every force is transformation and change. Destroying and making changes temporarily and permanently. There is no permanence, but a temporary state to be acted upon to bring an effect to a change.

Mass extinction is a permanent change and may be irreversible, happening in our time. Many iconic life species are in the blink of undergoing extinction. Without acting quickly to restore and save the current situation, we will no longer have beautiful forests and eye-catching undersea gardens as well as coastal cities.

Coastal villages are engulfed by water and sand due to loss in landmass, melting ice in the north pole and south pole, also melting ice on the top of the highest mountain peaks due to global warming. Just a few to mention. Satellite images show a great change in the global landscape. Largely resulted from human activities in the natural environment.

Also what we see is not a choice but a force. The force that makes us understand that we can get to the future as living species. All men want more power and possession. 

We can't look at the world and nature separately but rather with consciousness and understanding. We have a gift of a mental force. Imagination is a force to reason correctly and dream the impossible.

Surprised by the connection we have with our fellow life species, we are lucky to be here for an existing purpose. The purpose includes us in the forces of nature. We live while fighting against nature.

We try hard to deny nature and our connection with it. We forget that nature affects us and everything around us. The plain truth is that we try to control nature while not knowing the key to controlling it. When we say we are doing better, we destroy our nature as humans. Moreover, we destroy our only planet to call home.

We are the agent of change. We are that force of nature. In us like in other living things in nature, there is the power to continue and evolve after ending. One life ends the other begins with both the forces to destroy and form.

We need structured scenarios and active adaptive management to create resilience in social-ecological systems. Through that we'll be able to build adaptive systems by learning and taking action collectively, allowing us to have the knowledge and strength to develop sustainably.

We don't know exactly how nature works but it's wonderful we like seeing it works the way it does. See humans as part and force of nature. Humans collectively as a key force in the improvement and restoration of life and purity to nature.


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