A Test is Life.

We wake up to face the same challenges we faced the previous days, or maybe new different challenges. This could have happened several times in life. It is like a test to stay alive every day. It's leading a way in a dream to a result of the highest self.
Test life

To a certain extent, it's living against desires to fulfill our dreams and live happy life. And many times it's desiring to meet the ends of keeping up without or with knowledge. According to Psychology Today, " Life is a test for you to be and become your highest self. "

In schools and colleges, students are tested and examed. The same applies to this life. On the battlefield, soldiers are ready to face the unexpected,d and so on. 

It is the nature of the struggle of life. In the wild, every living individual is up for something. Either food, children, mate, or shelter. It is life in its test results when we achieve a certain goal in life.

In classes, we wish and dream of getting good grades. In our real-life situations, we dream of having a place in life recognized by our families, communities, and societies. 

It is life against the odds to build and establish ourselves. It is everybody's way of perception when it comes to living life.

Results in life.

  • Some say life is a war. You are at the battleground to face your nightmares good impacts are to win and stay alive.
  • To some, life is like a game in which you are tested to play and win. Goodwin will give you a certain uplifting and different status in life.
  • Also, others do say life is a gamble. We gamble to test our luck in life. If you are lucky enough to predict and place your dreams and actions in a way of the probable outcome, you are likely to achieve your goal in life.
  • In addition, normally we do hear people say life is an exam. An exam in which we need to score good grades to be promoted to the next level of life.
  • Moreover, others, say life is a journey. You are tested to pass through highs and lows to reach your destination. You have to make an effort to realize your dream and make good results in life.

The purpose of life and the outcome of living life. Philosophical and scientific views.

According to science the purpose of life is survival. It is survival in a sense of life,  trying to replicate and copy itself to ensure the continuation of everything that comes with life. Therefore the outcome of life is to be able to multiply.

If you can produce as many good results as you can, you are ensuring your future is great and satisfying, and worth living. If you can pass on knowledge, examples, and ideas as well as increase your life cycle you are tested to succeed even more in life.

According to the Stamford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the purpose of this life is to find meaning. It is the quest for knowledge to create meaning in this life. 

You are tested to discover about yourself among many. Society is tested to include your talent, and achievements to create a good society as your result in the collective meaning of life.

In conclusion, the results and means define life. They can justify the meaning and purpose of life. This depends on the nature of society and its values as well as individual dreams, goals, and desires in life. 

Whenever we dream or aim at a certain goal in life, we are subjected to succeeding or failing. Hope,  resilience, and hard work can bring good results.


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