Principles of the Truth in Life


The reality of imagination is practically true in the physical world, real and adjustable. When you imagine you open the truth book,  that will challenge your understanding, and consciousness eventually having wings to fly and land on true freedom.

Observing human daily life in comparison with that of the natural world. It's had to imagine and find a true way of life.

The Truth
Confused Truth in Nature of Reality

Human life is largely dominated by events, principles, and laws so that a smooth flow of everything human is realized.

Nature of the truth.

What is the nature of the truth? The truth is logical, pragmatic, and coherent equating nature of reality. Therefore nature of the truth is found in what we see, feel and learn from nature. We build natural reality from everything. We experience as we interact with the natural world and use that experience to explore our human values relative to the natural reality.

The truth is painful when mixed and confused with lies and disguise. The truth is the way of righteousness and the true beauty of everything. The truth is factual, inclusive, wider in meaning, and straight.

It's human nature every day. It's the only base of the truth in the human world. Events in human global society give a wider picture of human life. The reality of human life is of no complexity when compared to that of the natural world. It is rather an interconnectedness of everything human. That's natural, and cosmic in nature and reality.

Humans need laws, individuals, and systems that keep the principles in check, and function properly as per human desire against the nature of the truth. Everything seems to be fine until something of a great challenge happens is contrary to human understanding and experience due to imperfections and weakness.

Human weakness and imperfections are natural, but human laws and principles tend to be not in harmony with nature. It is normal to be human. It is normal to fail and start again, that's the nature of life. Nevertheless, it is a way of life in that we believe in, despise, and like. It is the unpleasant nature of the truth sometimes.

Principles of the truth in life.

Human life falls into three levels of the moral principle which are philosophical ways.  Categorically reflect the truth of human life against natural reality.

  • Surface Principle of Life.
It's an unaccustomed fixed set of rules, which is not easily adaptable to the nature of reality and the truth. It is all about following human laws strictly, without having an open mind considering perfection in one's perception of life. Having no respect for what is happening like reality and the truth.

Also, this refers to easy ways and shortcuts to success, and a lack of flexibility in dealing with reality. Egoism and a sense of uncompromised pride. It is the nature of human life, taking imperfections as problems that need to be removed from the face of reality and truth. Not acknowledging that imperfection is the core value of the truth of human life.
  • Hypocritical Principle
This principle detaches human nature from the natural world and the nature of reality. It is the disguised truth in a set of cunning rules. Disguising and trickery to fulfilling one's ambitions at the expense of others, who become victims of trickery and disguise as well as selfishness. It is all about taking imperfections and weaknesses as a golden chance to thrive. It is knowing the truth, but pretending that the truth is not the nature of reality.

Under human circumstances, it's hard to find the truth. People blame their human weaknesses and imperfection. Not realizing that weakness is a natural way of perfection. You can't perfect until you stumble and rise up and then move on.

  • Deep Principle of Life.

It's a set of rules which are human, and natural in a sense of the natural world and reality. This principle includes ways of philosophy of divine truth, that govern the core nature of everything. They are cosmic laws since they tend to unite humanity with the natural world like reality. It is the way of everything in a sense of human weakness, as human nature is in harmony with everything natural and cosmic.

This principle reflects and directs the quality of human life in balance with everything in nature. It is living in the truth, doing with the truth, and believing in the true value of all life. Having the divine purpose, and a reason for the existence of everything in nature is the truth and nature of an ever-living love.

The truth is the reality of freedom and unselfish love. Truthful is the way of love that has no boundaries. It is a factual love that extends by giving a hand to life and nature.

In addition, Deep Principles of Life are the principles of flexibility, and an open mind to accommodate everything that is cosmic life, as well as that, is human life and nature. The natural systems are the natural world in the sense that life flows in nature with flexibility and coherence.

Moreover, it is a positive attitude, respect, and care about yourself, other people, and everything in nature. Caring for animals, plants, and other living things as well as the general environment is of divine principles. The search for the truth and living in the truth is a true sense in the quest for nature and reality.

The moments of trouble and the moments of happiness all depend upon the human perception of life, in a deep sense governed by natural principles of life. They are divine laws because they keep the possibility of living in harmony with everything that is life, and that's not life in nature.

In conclusion, the general truth in this world is highly characterized by the first two principles of life. Surface Principles and Hypocritical Principles of human life. Human weaknesses tend to draw back humanity from the natural principles of life, which is the true foundation of the truth and reality. A large number of humans do fall into the two principles of life, This is due to imperfections, and desires in life as well as a lack of a sense of human cosmic-nature interconnectedness.

Why does the truth matter? According to an article in a science journal, we find the truth because it's the right thing to do. To have a sense of responsibility and accountability for our decisions and their outcomes we need to believe in the way of the truth. The truth is the sword that cuts to shape and destroy. It's the key ingredient of every desired taste of life.


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