Still Seeing You In My Imagination


Finding you in every season is all I can't resist. To dream again. To face the imagination again.

A girl in imagination

Hard defying my imagination,

Since I found you as a reason,

I trust in nature and seasons,

When we were young,

I watched you in every season,

As you were on the riverbank,

I was on the other side of the river,

You had an astonishing season,

In every flower, there was a reason,

Hard to defy my emotions.

In every flower, it was your smile,

That was a reason for happiness.

In every flavor of the streams,

I knew I was new again,

Every season we are young,

Defying every challenge,

As there is life in every season,

We imagine again and again,

Currents of blessings,

Living for every season of imagination.

What I think of is what I see,

Hard to change what I feel,

If nature permits the heavenly rains,

I wonder what will happen to the pure hearts,

The rain in an alien land,

Singing in illusions,

Thinking of the moon and sun,

In energy that brings the seasons,

The imagination of a new season.

Hard to run from what's me,

Nature touches the rain,

Until I lose you in my dream,

In every season  I have to imagine,

I am lost to find you again in every season,

Many times I wrote a story to tell you in my imagination,

The seconds can't count how many stories I have written,

About you, nature tells everything,

In every spring,

I'm lost to find you again.

Hard to stop thinking in fantasies,

I dream in imagination only to see you again,

I listen to the songs of the rain and nature just to hear your voice,

I dreamt of your beauty in the flowers of the garden,

I was a drop dead leaf to nourish the soil,

You were my best friend in that cold touch of the leaf,

I speak about it in every thought again and again,

It's an endless journey of imagination,

I watched you turn into those fine wings of imagination,

The wings of the imagined dream in the life of a butterfly.



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