Commonalities with Relativity


One event is happening here. The other is taking place there and somewhere else. What's happening now is an expression of relative and parallel events. We perceive time and events differently. Everything is centered upon energy as the force that equals the speed of light or the driving energy relative to the speed of light.


Events have one thing in common, time is an aspect of great value to what's is going on in the human world, nature, and the universe. Time is the space and distance between events.

The driving force of events is energy. And the fundamental form of energy is light. Also, the speed of light is the same everywhere in the universe.

Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity in 1905 suggests that the laws of physics are the same everywhere. The theory sheds light on how objects and events share commonalities in space and time.

The speed of light is the same for all observers. The closer you get to light speed, the less time you experience and the shorter the distance you experience.

Things and events in the universe are somewhat relative to each other. They attract and pull each other. Everything equals energy in its role in terms of cause and effect. 

Nevertheless, things do relatively occur, having commonalities in function, common sense, and chance. A person riding a bike is relatively faster to the eyes of an observer, while the time seems to slow down to the rider.

Mass can never shift positions through the universe at light speed. Mass will heighten to infinity, and the amount of energy to move it any faster will also be an eternity.

The relative aspect of events.

Events do occur simultaneously with relative periods sometimes. This is because time is perceived differently. Time and events coexist in a real aspect of everything that's nature. The energy equals mass and speed in a distance. This makes events look similar and different at all times. The mind is tricked by the distance between objects and speed. Present, past and future are relatively commonalities of time in space.

If you move fastly you slow time. However, it will be very fun watching you at full acceleration as you load that engine with more energy, mass, and oxygen just to achieve that full potential of race. It's even challenging the mind and common sense sitting in the same space with you as you move.

Various onlookers will see the timing of events differently depending on how fast they are traveling. An event that would seem to take much time such as a century or a Millenium, if sighted from Earth may seem to snatch just a second for an individual in a spacecraft voyaging at immense speed.

As a newborn being, takes the first breath, another being somewhere else takes the last breath. It's a cruel and blessing nature of reality in relative events. The future and the past are relative. You slow down as you move at full speed. The present is the version of both the past and the future. Now is real.

Relative Commonality.

Different aspects of events are what make a shift in perception of time and history. However, things and events do not change so much. They are the same and different, because of energy and force, also the interval distance across space.

What we experience today is a version of the past human tendencies. We are not far away from the nature of time relatively to our minds in our surroundings, though we make sophisticated progress ahead of redefining history.

It's like traveling from the past through the present to the future. The future and the past coexist now. We exist relative to the past and future.

We are the future and past version of ourselves. Things in nature and other living beings are a large version of an ever self rewrote nature. It's a universality of everything in continuation.

One person starts a journey, while the other reaches the destination. You start to travel in your imagination before traveling in reality. You start believing the journey before taking the first step. 

It's a relative flow of events and materializing the expected outcome from imagination to reality. A bystander will watch a passerby walking, as he thinks of walking too. It's an attractive attitude of a walker, that draws attention to a bystander.

You dance to the energy whistles you hear in your mind. Your mind travels at a fast speed between one beat to another. The sounds nobody hears and thinks of. You do so because you think about the music. Your mind is moving relative to your body. You sing it with your heart. Singing and dancing are relative events.

You speak for what exists at the moment on your mind. Listening to music and singing to music or dancing to it while working is multitasking your mind and body at the moment. What you feel and do at the moment is real.

What happens if you stop running while your mind is on the move? What happens if you sit on the bus and take a ride while seeing trees, houses, and so on, moving backward as you move forward with your bus. You are sure of your journey because you see things outside the window moving backward fastly, but time is slow to you. You need a lot of energy to catch up with the speed of light.

Having more than one thing or event happening at a relative time guarantees reality. It's when you feel that time is real and relative at the same time. As you move closer to the speed of light you slow time for an event to take place.

Some events look similar in such a way, they form a relative meaning to life and existence. It's a relative diversity of events in space and time. The past, present, and future are the aspects of time in events.

When your imagination takes you in seconds to somewhere you have never been before, it's a gift of intuition making such fantasy into reality. You go somewhere through randomness. Hard work is a way of fantasy materialization. Energy is hard work to slow time and finish events quickly.

You see it because you believe it exists. Your mind is relatively convinced of a trick of existence. You see the parallel connection between the dots of cause and effect. It's energy in a form of light that enables you to perceptive events in life differently.

The signs of a speaking mind exist in linking one thing with another. Things that share common characteristics, the distance across space and speed, as well as time make sameness in events. It's the mind consciousness towards what's happening relatively.

Mouthwatering is relative to feeling hungry and uncontrollable appetite after seeing tasty appealing food. The way of the mind is moving while the body is stationary and in stillness. You feel the dark in the light as you train your mind to handle your body. Those are the wonders of light beyond naked eyes.

Moreover, the interplay between the dynamism of events and time is relatively a matter of warped space. The interval between events is relative to time and space.


Events do happen over time, relatively to one another, as if an invisible force pulling everything in such a way, that they make common sense. With the energy in form of light, We share the common spectrum of commonalities of events, time, and space in terms of history, culture, nature, philosophy, and so on.


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  1. 'Things and events in the universe are somewhat relative to each other. They attract and pull each other. Everything equals energy in its role in terms of cause and effect'

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