The Cosmic Prison


We think of a home as a house and a family, We do not think about our bodies as homes of our minds and souls. Nevertheless, we are prisoners of our bodies, apparently when we stop thinking correctly and acting accordingly. Fear keeps the mind in a prison. It's the prison each one of us knows. We can feel all things concerning life and nature in our bodies. It's the cosmic sense of life.

The universe prison
A home is living in a prison in this vastness of space, time, knowledge, feelings, perceptions, and attitudes.

The universe is felt the best in the mind and body. It is not easy to find a way out. Captured in there forever, until the moment we lose everything that's energy to keep up with the time and life we got to live.

The day we get lost in ourselves, We get lost in the cosmic prison. We will be free with a free mind, We can see the light at the end of the tunnel with a cosmic breath of life. It's a gravitational trap that pulls us down. Trapped and imprisoned in the gates of our lives.

"As I walked out the door towards the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred, I'd still be in prison".Nelson Mandela

Finding the purpose in the cells that make up the prison. With a commanding program in a detailed sense of self-assurance and identity. It's DNA that codes and speaks for that prison. Habits and behavior, tendencies, and statically permanent even in the whirlwind.

An Open Mind is Freedom.

Doomed by consciousness it is hard to break free. I know it's an imprisoned mind in the body that has nothing to do with what is happening over time. Lost control of what I fear and desire. I speak words I can't hear. I imagine in broad daylight. The imagination I forget about when I get lost in my night slumber.

"The worst prison would be a closed mind".Cv Pillay

I'm miles away from myself when I stop thinking. Eating, drinking, and feeling good are necessities to life. I am fleeing from the gates of vanity to the realms of the universe.

I know every molecule and every atom as the tiny version of reality. And the whole universe is a reflection of their nature and identity. Material things that mean a lot to the body. To the mind is vanity and to the soul is a prison.

Having a family to take care of. It's a place I call home. A home that makes me smile, toil, speak out and dream a lot. If I think I can see the day. I can feel the hope to carry on. Whenever I sense my flesh and blood, I feel the reason to live. Seized in my nature. Searching for the light that gives a purpose to my imprisonment.

I know I can't help myself from what I adore and admire. I know that terrible stare in my nature trying to scare me off. I am lost in what's beautiful and dreadful. As a sprinter in my race. Racing against mysterious self. If I don't control my body using my mind and believe in what I feel and see, I am a shadow of nowhere. As a citizen of my nature, and a cosmic occupant of my body, the body is no more once the occupant is gone to all that's natural and pure.

When I sleep, I dream even more. When I walk miles and miles away from myself, I appreciate how it works the best being part of that is everything in nature. The mighty protocol brings an unknown entity to shape up the time. 

The moment of relative events and means to define the future. If I run from myself, I belong to nowhere. Still, the true portrayal of existing survives in experiencing and imagination.

The Cosmic Soul in the Body.

Time changes everything mortal. Chained to myriad perceptions is vital to discovering the greatest value of everything that has life. Everything that has life comes from that is life. It is a prison of misconception, coincidence, and probable outcomes.

"The body is the prison of the soul".Plato

I know it's me, a prisoner of the language of the universe and my true nature. The language that doesn't need words and signs of a writing pen and a drawing pencil. A magical property of a heart in an unconfined night of the prison. The path to the house of mind and heart is the soul in an exhausted body.

Walk-in and imprisoned soul. Existing to discover the lost touch of the mind and body in a living soul. Enchained against own nature and fate. It is destiny with a chance proving an existing fact of life. 

A tiny change in any life aspect is a universal remote manifestation of nature. It's a shift in imagination to form new reality and peculiarities. As knowledge expands, less energy will be needed to navigate space and gravity. Having efficient means to flee the force's chains is the only chance to survive.

The chance of existing and developing into a fine version of the self is being a better prison, that's transformed and decorated for moments of happiness and problems. Being in a stable state of mind and body works better in the prison. The prison has no boundaries when you make borders. We can navigate the prison using our minds in terms of imagination and technology.

A cosmopolitan fleeing from the weak version of matter that makes up what's me. When I bridge the rivers, I tear down the walls of the prison. I sail from somewhere to nowhere. It's a nowhere with a somewhere prison. I believe in the mysterious ways of the universe. It's the universe in everything, everywhere at every moment.

The mind senses swings of energy to let the body get detached or attached to the soul. Imagination takes the mind to the true essence of life wonders. We are connected with a network of everything natural and pure. We can sense this everywhere in this cosmic prison, anytime we think correctly with mindfulness, we know it's fear, the worst prison of all.


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