Fictional and Factual Nature of Life


Life springs with ideas that make facts from the chance of randomness of adventure. Chance springs from the infinity pool of hypotheses. Any expectation is a result of the endless manifestation of existing imagination. Facts and fictional meaning in everything encircling likelihood and life.

Fictional mind

Hence, It is the clash of nature of our minds to lighten up and perceive the universe as fictional and factual.

“Our first ideas of life are generally taken from fiction rather than fact.” - Arthur Schopenhauer

The universe can be perceived as a result of probable stories and a set of facts. The stories can be expressed in various ways. Science as a product of imagination tells the story based on fiction, then it proves fiction with facts.

We can tell the stories of the universe in various ways using our minds by applying a personal functional representation of what is everything in life.

Using a ruler, a pencil, parables and illustrations, and other sorts of instruments to learn the facts of the story.

While using guitar strings, piano, drums, voice, and sound vocals is showing the beauty of the story.

  • Singing. Carrying our feelings and emotions in the moment of experience and letting them out.

  • Writing. Speaking on paper with a pen, Communicating with ourselves with the world what we feel, know, and dream. Novels and literature in different fields of knowledge.

  • Dancing. Telling the stories of the language discovered in a distant space between individuals with movements and emptiness, but traveling along with the sounds. Letting go of what keeps us down.

  • Dreaming an intuitive story. Foreseeable future in a story with a life experience and a solution.

  • Equations and theories in the scientific Nature of the story are based on a string of facts.

  • Acting and dramatization. Characterization and Thematic portraying of real and fictional characters through theater art's beauty.

  • Painting and drawing. Portraying the fictional reality through colors and ink on canvas.

There is nothing wrong in everything but beauty and stories in the manifestation of something relative to reality.

If you can imagine, and your imagination takes you everywhere around the universe with knowledge and giftedness, You are correct in rhythm with life based on factual and fictional senses of the meaning of everything.

Some of us can understand and tell and perceive the world in terms of geometrical features. Scales of measurements. We can tell about the natural laws in a way of human life and theories.

The stories of the universe come in scientific theories with a probability of outcomes governed by natural laws. The laws of events from different perspectives.

It's all about telling and mimicking what happened to exist, that exists now as well as what existed before the current time. It's all about discovering the laws and telling a practical story about them using movies and documentaries, books as well as journals.

The story can be easily emulated by anyone, anywhere resulting in a universal solution, but varying in nature of perception and demonstration.

Life and matter in the universe are a Fibonacci string of manifestation. What is there waiting to be discovered, dreamt of, revealed,  and every time we are about to discover more about everything as nature tells its stories becomes our story using laws of physics, biochemistry, astronomy, and geophysics affected by nature of the human mind?

Life is the bio system of systems. Supported by other systems. Life is a perceived story and a lived story. Discovering is fictional, and trying and proving is factual.

It's the continuation of a story in terms of energy. The energy that enables the intuitive imagination to flow in seconds as well as proving and the manifestation of that energy in the changing matter of reality.

Some can tell better the story using numbers. Some can use objects and geometrical figures, as well as arithmetic sequences of events into a series of unfortunate and fortunate manifestations of reality. It's an infinity string of numbers in measurement scaling quantity and quality.

While others can perceive a story differently, and narrate it using vocal sounds, painting, or fictional and novel ideas, Others can use algebraic expressions and data in graphs and charts. To estimate the evidence of the story takes a series of verified findings.

Living is collecting and sampling stories of life to be uniquely perceived, understood, used, and mimicked. It's a fairytale in numbers. A tiny fraction of the story we can live to tell and prove.

What we see is an illusion. We can perceive and grasp a little. Illusion is that we can't capture with our instruments or prove using theories, calculations, and facts. We see and feel our dreams.

Nature, time, machines, and minds work it out with creative ideas, to establish reality with facts. Imagination and dreams lead to changes in perception and demonstration of reality.

We get a complete view of life when we perceive ideas with an independent mind, and not only view life from a fictional point of view but also a factual point of view.


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