The Imagination of The Sunset

Carried away by the imagination of the morning beauty. The stars couldn't help themselves but flee the darkness for the day. The moon couldn't see the day, however, most of the time has life to shine for the night partly or fully. Can't free me from thinking of what could be the science of the sunset.

Thinking of the three moments of a complete day. Kings and Queens are on the display. The moon, the stars, and the sun. Gold in the morning, brighter in the blue noon, and Silver in the night sky of stars with songs of the sunset.

Immersed in the seconds of imagination, I wonder how beautiful are the colors of the sunset. I don't know if I can miss the wisdom of the sunset. It's beautiful, mind-blowing, and peaceful but trying. Kim Weiss.


Watching the sunset,
The same news after it's dawn,
Revolting time is the night,
The claim is new now and then.

Voting for the three moments,
The same claims the sun,
Evolving from its twilight,
The claim of silver-worthy shiny.

Voting for the three Kings,
The Moon is the queen,
The queen of the stars,
The day is the sunny sky,

Ember with gold,
Ever colorful sea,
Blue and wild,
Cold-like hot tea.

Bold and beautiful face,
Gold in resourceful idea,
Fold and unfold a watchful face,
Good, it's the sold idea.

Cold and hot old and worse,
Could not hold onto the tier,
Sealed not the case,
Mild wild the tire.

Playing paying the sun,
Pleading tearing bye,
Three wearing the sun,
Free ears hearing eye.

Tearing sunshine,
Tender the noon,
Nature on the horizon,
Dusky and dust brain.

Ashes for the night,
Ages for the day,
Aches silver for gold,
Grey's wisdom teeth.



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