The First Day of a Human Seedling


We come to life as seeds grow into seedlings. At the time we come to this world, our minds and hearts are pure and clean until the way of our world does something with our innocence. In the Political Ecology of the World Food System and Moral Systems, we are like seeds.

A human seedling

In human nature, on our first day as seedlings, the Sense of Seeds, or Seminal Events plays a great role. When our senses develop and life wakes up, our nature is trimmed and shaped to meet the expectations of our families, society, and our world. 

We struggle to thrive and fit into the world of ruins and beauty. Surely, a young human as a seedling needs love and acceptance, as well as education also needs food, and water to grow and thrive.

The human mind absorbs knowledge like a germinating seed. Which results in experience and expansion of consciousness. In the quest for knowledge of the world, we are shaped by the process of learning and understanding.

From Mother's love, Father's care, and teachings to school childhood, and religion as well as friends. The seedling becomes a human. Journeying from innocence to being naive. Encountering human nature, initiate its first experience and imagination.

Human consciousness as a seed germinates immediately after exposure to conditions favorable for its growth. The growth is associated with a change in knowledge, perception, and behavior. Communication, play, and the use of tools result in an expected awareness.

On its second day, a human seedling seeks its way against waves. Being a free seedling that struggles against the oceans and waves of life and time. Using imagination to reach its full potential.

An Ember in the sun,

As the light on the moon,

The seed in the morning,

Unfold to live in a ruin.

Young and naive seedling,

The world's love's doctrine,

Molding trimming a fresh mind,

Into a human a native seedling.

As young as fresh as an option,

As cool as peaceful an ocean,

On the first day of a  son,

The first name of the human.

As beautiful soft and young,

The mother to everyone,

The daughter's first Sun,

The first name of the human.

As the day go by the sun setting,

A daughter dreams with her son,

The meaning of being a human,

The effect of human doctrine.

As the senses are coming,

With all the innocence going on,

It's day second,

Liberty to open and own,

It's the second seedling,

The seedling of a young mind.

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