Imagine I am Wrong


Seized with things of the mind. I was a bit confused, I would not see the reality, but the wrong side of me. I tried to call it a normal thing but it's all that I can imagine.

Imagine wrong

I'd imagined human beings who have no idea of social interaction and therefore no ideas about right and wrong.

I try not to overthink. Thinking I could have done things differently. Trying to stop running more tiresome miles thinking.

The truth is, I'm just a wallflower, self-observer, lone-wolf, solitary, inward, shy person, loner, uncommunicative, and inattentive person.

I'm trying to be better.

I was wrong to imagine I am right,

I'm sorry for delaying,

I'm thinking in the light,

I'm just a human.

I delay imagining a human,

I'm quick to be delusional,

My nature haunts me,

The stone can't be emotional.

I'm just a little creative,

I'm sorry I am simple,

I'm just humble and naive,

Few words are simple.

I imagine a lot,

I lost in myself,

I can't find a reason yet,

To stand up and live.

I learn to love,

To stand up and claim,

I learn to speak love,

For I know love is not to dream.

Imagine I am right,

I wouldn't see the mistakes,

Imagine it's our fault,

Couldn't we compromise?

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