Life Reflecting Mountain Foothills


Mortal beings are dreamers by nature. It takes trials and successfully walks through challenges to realize our dreams. As human beings, we are on a constant journey, climbing mountains through slopes and hills.


Naturally, we are taken to walk down the mountain, with our efforts we can achieve what we desire and deserve in life. Life is a journey through the mountain foothills.

Learning about mountains is a wide range means of knowledge gaining in a self-spectrum upon the imaginative reality of history, recreation, geology, art, and archeology. It's an aesthetic reflection of human life when you look back in time into the universal higher self.

Mountain hills do reflect the following :

  • Cultural landscape.
  • Natural beauty.
  • Personal and place identity.
  • Unique ecological patterns.
  • Human livelihood.
  • Unique climatic patterns.

The mountain can be an artistic depiction of humans as "the whole transformation- the metamorphosis of nature by all the representations of the mind and human sensitivity, the arts, feelings, dreams" (ibid.). In this context, the arterialization of Alain Roger (1997)  

Everyone is a mountain and everything is a mountain in life after accelerating down the mountain, you know your story is permanent like a mountain.

Seen and tasted it many times both with physical fitness and mental readiness. The mountain has the strength to influence the mind with its enormous imagination effect to feelings and symbolism of mighty.

Thinking of glory speaks for itself even before taking the first step down the hill. Dreaming of it makes a shift from imagination to undertakings of life with reality.

It's success and validation we seek, every time we step up with our feet from the bottom up. It's determination and awareness we need to have to conquer our fears and daydreams.

The moment we see it we get lost in the meaning of it. The mountain from its foot has the strength to move our imagination tempting us to understand our fears and warrior-like characters.

Each time we move down the foothills, there is a mountain to climb on each hill. It's the reflection of our imagination bigger than a hill and huge like a mountain. A constant speed depends on a hidden motivation bubbling and boiling within. 

Doing it with experience takes many walks through the reality of the hills. Conquering the mountain starts from its foot up. We imagine standing on top of the world every time we dream about the universal higher self.

Every time you plant a seed, you must care for it because you need its fruits more than anything else. So, going up the hills from the bottom is a true way to see those fruits you dream about.

Before I get there. I have started from the bottom and moving up. It's courage, dedication self-motivation icons that counts for a successful endeavor. I know I can do it because to succeed is all I need. Some start and achieve right away, while others take time. Like the sun and stars, each shines at its best time.

Being away from myself is a reflection of the mountain I have to go through. The distance between points of the hills makes sense of how far the two mountains are between. Conquering myself to conquering the mountain.

I imaginatively sleep on the mountain top while physically I am at the foot of the mountain ready to take on myself so that I can conquer that enormous imagination with the realities of the mountain and hills.

I see the way when I take action. I see possibilities when I dream and imagine. Imagination makes me creative. It's a mysterious upper hand that takes it with miracles. It's a man of flesh who sinks and rises from the bottom.

A gradual self-elevation through the foothills is a way up the mountain rock. Taking every chunk bit by bit, until everything is completely done. I'm trying to be the best I can be at fulfilling my dreams.

Dreams come and go but imagination like a mountain stays. Most importantly how we start and end the journey through the hills up the mountain makes sense of value and meaning of success.

After all those new experiences, life goes on with a lot more meaning. Finding how hard it's staying down the foothill while knowing there is much to be done motivates me to learn the hard way of succeeding in life.

The greatest value of a star is seen when it's placed on the mountain top. The bumpy journey humbles, while the beauty of the experience is bravery, learning, and wisdom.


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