Life Is Living

Look around, life is everywhere. In the plants there are leaves, flowers, and fruits. In the air a bird flies. In every face, a smile is simple, but yet a complex sign of life. Living is writing the meaning of life.

Living life is naturally active and original self-expression of well-being. Also defining life with the simple knowledge that enables us to get our basic needs for a better and cheerful life with nature.

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination

(Carl Rogers, 1961, pp. 186–187).

Life comes in various meaningful and meaningless reasons and forms a complex meaning of existence. We attach our meanings and purpose of survival to the good life. 

Similarly, the quality of being true to oneself has a positive meaning to one's well-being, and work concentration. Yet this could provide an important direction to building healthy undertaking communities.

Having life to live. Simply living is leading a way to a simple meaning of life. We worry about the future. How are we gonna survive the economic pressure? Are we gonna get through daily life challenges such as sickness, getting hungry, relationships, and so on?

Human life got one thing in common with other living things. Life flows through living things to ensure survival against the odds. It's the personal meaning that makes life worth living. State of well-being and fulfilling dreams as well as perceiving life achievements in a personal way.

Life as a process takes place in highly organized organic structures and is characterized by:
  • Being preprogrammed.
  • Being interactive.
  • Being adaptative and evolutionary. Life flows like a river in the cycle, living beings are like the system in which this cycle of processes takes place.

Surviving daily life challenges depends upon:
  • Planning.
  • Seeking help from experienced people. 
  • Working smart.
  • And helping others. 
  • Focusing on achieving the ultimate purpose of our personal life, simply because we live to learn with hope for the future.

To live happily we hope and imagine life without obstacles or maybe fewer obstacles as possible. Life in imagination is the work and the outcome of a thinking mind. Creativity is an imaginative way of survival in each day's challenge.

Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly. Neil Gaiman

So, simplified living is a life full of natural struggle with imagination in every state of life. Self-challenging by tasking the brain mainly on a hidden clue of a life framework.

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly. Langston Hughes

It's being somewhere and not everywhere. Focus on one thing that makes life meaningful and purposely perfect, Perfectly fine but with shortcomings. Mapping personal life with a lifetime plan is a lifeline living.

In an ashtray life, a plan is gone astray. Pursue the stream of life as the river flows. Life has two flowing rivers occasionally streaming against each other but in harmony with one another.

Nature flows with life that carries everything that is life to us. Naturally planning is naturally living in the natural flow of life. Have a plan without a plan because nature manifests immensely and mysteriously.

Life is a natural flow of daily activities against social, and economic realities affected by self-reflection, awareness, and mental orientation. Therefore, let life flow naturally, cool down your flow. Pace with a fast flow and a slow move at a time. Believe in the way of nature as the guide for life. It is natural and not artificial in its deeper meaning.

Life energizes the imagination and gives rise to a natural wave of mind with ideas at peace and in chaos. Live in harmony with the messy and benign nature of life, so you won't get sunk. Life can drown, or encourage to glide its stream with dreams and freedom.

A walk through imagination flows with life. Walk away from troubles with a natural ebb of life. Reaching life with a creative mind every day.

Get lifted with a living mind in a natural progression of imagination. Being ready with a soulful mind lives life with possibilities. Taking each challenge each day with new ideas, flowing in the right course of life. Soar higher, swim in the air like in the waters of the river.


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