Learn From Life


Learning is an important aspect of improvement and making progress in life. A conventional way of learning nowadays is going to school, but we can get life lessons naturally by simply living.

Drawing lessons

Life is now, later is an illusion, and the past is experience.

To learn includes a lot of things that give rise to knowledge gaining. We learn in many ways. There's knowledge everywhere. Life is a school of experiences and natural lessons.

The lessons drawn from life have the power to affect the learner by expanding skills and improving life perspective through transforming as well as being valued by a person as a learner when it creates a sense of self.

Naturally, life lessons come with a developed reflectiveness, and eagerness to question our past and current views and behavior, as our goal is to develop a wider understanding and not to console our views.

Living life comes with lessons that develop wisdom's qualities of mastery, openness, reflectivity, and emotion regulation involving empathy. These qualities of personal behavior come with age and life experience.

We can read books, listen to motivational speeches and seek advice from experienced people. We are a reflection of life lessons. Human life is a period of searching and using the light of knowledge as lessons and solutions to the world around us.

Lessons come to life as we live. We practice what we have learned by living, and letting life take control. We are life. Lessons move with life. Some lessons come into life early, while other lessons come late in life. Life lessons shape the way we behave and change our ways of living.

Hard situations such as a long-term life decision, a difficult social conflict, or a severe sickness can change the way we behave and view life. We can therefore learn to solve problems, take control of our lives, and improve our lifestyles in the n later days of our lives.

As We Live, Life Has a Lot to Disclose.

  • People change. We are constantly changing our bodies and what we experience in life. Taking consideration of our health as we live is a great lesson we can get from what we experience earlier in life.
  • Nothing is permanent. Knowledge and most of what we learn in schools are wasted due to changes. We tend to change as life changes. 
  • We improve as we get older. The productive time is the younger ages of lives.
  • See the later days of your life with plans in phases.
  • Having integrity comes with experience and patience as we age.
  • Fine imagination and talent as well as giftedness are discovered and nurtured at a tender age. 
  • The best quality of life is achieved and realized with wisdom. Failure and mistakes are parts of success and achieving goals in life.
  • The prime years are the finest days of talent and prowess. Starting early is as good as planting many trees for fruits and shade for later life.
  • Educational systems have the ultimate purpose of preparing us for a lifetime of learning. 
  • We do not learn everything from school teachers all things we need to know in life, but life does teach us lessons we need when we don't want to find or expect to learn sometimes.

Elders show a direction while the young search for the way. Children become curious and operate, mimic and discover new meanings of life. Adults struggle with what life brings to them, while children dream of a life with wonders and adventure.

Frankly knowing the whole world's ways is the work of a mature mind. The mindful direction of thinking works with a settled life full of lessons and meanings. Therefore, live your life as you can find its purpose from time to time.

Questions and answers in life pop up every time we learn to discover and understand the meaning of life. Having good things needs patience and being able to handle difficult situations with courage and hope. Speaking of life without obstacles is uttering empty life. The tasteless life with nothing to learn. 

Life speaks an unlimited volume of expensive lessons that their prices echos the sacrifice of one's time and comfort zone.  We learn every day as we dare to live every day.  Life gives us a chance to try and learn by working hard every time we fail.

We search to find, we learn to discover, we prove to believe, and share to influence the world around us. Life is the best teacher who reveals destiny's way and influences your transformation to meet the perfect change drawn from lessons.


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