Beyond The Prize


We like receiving prizes and gifts, while there's a lot to do to achieve the best prize of them all. We can be satisfied with successful endeavors valuing their course with passion and love.


True virtue has to start with a mind that looks beyond the prize and horizon, however, betterment and prosperity are anticipated after achieving it.

See the clouds in a crowd,

What's hidden behind?

See the prize with modesty,

Imagine it  beyond,

Walk slowly with the crowd,

Think in a second,

The prettiest bride,

In the golden horizon.

A mind for the bread,

Bread bled for the mind,

The greatest prize,

In the horizon.

The wrong with a maid,

Is wrong with the throne,

Beyond the paid plaid,

The price for a servant,

The prize is the price,

I am on the horizon,

The greatest prize,

In the horizon.

The brave clouds,

Walking sheep mind,

They flock and heed,

When walking with a lion,

They follow their need,

Their minds wind,

To wake their feet,

To follow the wind,

The greatest prize,

On the horizon.

The sheep walk in shadows,

The lion sleeps in their mind,

A thunder claps,

Scaring off the lion,

The sheep in clouds,

Follow the wind to the horizon.

There's more beyond it,

Each cloud has a silver lining,

Stars beyond the light,

The lingering mind,

Finds out to value it,

It's not the prized mind,

The pride  enchained it,

The greatest prize,

In the horizon.



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