The Wind Blows


When leading a peaceful life, sudden life changes can have a serious impact. Naive life in the country can be a story to tell and wish for. How the wind blows? Changes come and sweep everything in the way like a blowing wind, from high pressure to low pressure. 

Blowing wind

The separation wind blows with sad and scary moments which replace joyous ones. The good experience of love and family becomes a beautiful story to tell and thought proving one.

In a wind storm that blows through life, there is the tree that bends to let it pass, also there are those that are broken by the wind. Some are taken by the wind to disappear forever while others ride the wind through the course of life in storms and eventually peace.

The wind of love brings back the lost. The power of the unseen force casts away all resistance to bring changes and new moments of a tranquil life. 

Forged in calmness the force is fierce enough to roar like a thousand lions. Plucking every obstacle in its way. From a gentle breeze to a strong breeze into a wind storm. A wind in harmony with nature to a divine wind.

The air clears,

As attitude changes,

Altitude speaks,

When the wind blows.

The atmosphere changes,

As mind bowling hurricanes,

Habits blow balloons,

When the wind blows.

The day changes,

As the night withers,

The moonlight tears,

When the wind blows.

Winds the wings,

As  the sea breeze,

Imagine, see and freeze,

When the wind blows.

Nature plans,

As a person changes,

The sun worries,

When the wind blows.

It's news,

The weather knows,

Bother story tells us,

When the wind blows.

Life changes,

So time does,

Pacing always,

When the wind blows.

When falls,

The two lost kites,

The house shakes,

When the wind blows.

In pieces,

Banging the roofs,

Trembling the walls,

When the wind blows.

The leaves,

Flutter past the windows,

As a newspaper wags,

The wind blows.

Up wakes,

The sleepless eyes,

Sleep  fixes,

When the wind blows.

It speaks,

A million words,

Mouthwash shouts,

When the wind blows.

It tears,

A million degrees,

As an onion peels,

When the wind blows.

If only's 

A million bits,

As a wit with winks,

The wind blows.

It means,

A change and a chance,

As  blown love vows,

The wind blows.

Flip flops,

As it clears,

It up pops,

When the wind blows.



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