Life As a Process of Continuity


There is a beginning in everything we can feel, see and experience in life. And also continuation is a characteristic feature of life that makes life restart and undergo physical and biological development. This happens during the end, before, and after. 

The afterlife curtain is shady, while presently life is on, and the future is before and after in a continuity.

Think of the germinating seeds. Again, try to imagine the flower becoming a young fruit and even ending in a process of being a fully grown fruit with its viable seeds as a hope for continuation.

Take yourself into imagination, think of the curtain that embraces continually the full aspects of life in different ways and faces. In each face, you can find a natural attachment to life developing in phases. The phases of individuality and collective biophysics chemical processes in shady and day spring.

The continuation of life depends upon chemical-physical properties and genetic networking in an embryo in an adult organism.  Different types of cell share one genome. The differences between them are determined by which genes are turned on or off by their specific collection of controlling proteins. Davidson, E. H. (2010). 

The continuation is therefore a product of nature. The tree that grows each day in the presence of light, water, and minerals in the soil is life in the form of energy that reflects the existence of complex processes.

We only see one process in nature, flowering plants, and fruits. We do not see and appreciate the processes in continuation. We, therefore do not learn and observe the details of life.

Development is a natural process of Continuity 

  • Life has a physical property which is a continuous process and function of the chemical and biological nature of energy across space and time.

  • A biological individual has to develop, and evolve as a process by using chemical and physical nature allowing it to act as a collection of processes. 

  • The biological feature of life is to reproduce itself before ending. The physical feature of life is to restart after ending. These two features 'ending' and 'restarting' mark the continuation of a renewal of the life processes in a function.

  • We fully develop and evolve through the consistent continuation of processes of changes in life and adaption.

  • Quality of Life is Continuity of Life, which reflects upon the extent to which an event or process such as mental illness has drastically altered the continuity of a person's existing actions and plans. 

  • Continuity as a process has the power upon promoting human flourishing and influencing the present state and future expectations of a person's life concerning nine specific life domains such as spirituality, family, work, health, and community. Vanderweele (2017)

Since we believe in money as an outcome of what we toil for, we do not see light deep in what we can't easily get in a short life span. We fail to examine and observe the details of the time in nature.

From time to time, we need to continue working and improving towards achieving goals. The patterns of actions we apply towards reaching the purpose should be continuity.

A legacy as life is continuous development in phases of changes and evolving patterns. The ways of nature come along with the same embodiment of diverse quality and quantity in different intervals of space and time as the continuity of spirit and life.

Planting a seed and waiting for its continual development in process, deep into cycles take time and have to do with space. Patience and hardworking as well as hope are vital energy required to endure the observing period through self-transformation.

Time is a continuous function of the sense of existing energy and effort across space. It's the light that makes sense of energy as the means through efforts to change by making progress in life. Life is a collection of historically extended individuals through processes affected by evolutionary changes.

Ghiselin (1974) and Hull (1978) argue that; species do not belong to the ontological category of classes or kinds at all, but are rather historically extended individuals.

We are here because we are a continuation of life. We're the processes in a larger sense of ourselves as life. Imagine a butterfly's life cycle. It's the process of processes to produce a beautiful fully grown butterfly.

We dream in imagination and live in the continuation of seconds of thoughts. We see each day as a continuous image of nature with life in the process.

The years come and go. The continuation is with us every day with new experiences, appearance, quantity, and quality due to the change and transformation of biological, physical, and chemical properties of life.

Life is, therefore, progressive ensuring the survival of nature. We are nature's ways of embodiments and permanence in temporary processes of continuation. Continuity is for living things, extinction disrupts the continuity. Everything begins and ends to ensure continuity even if there's a problem somewhere in life.


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