The Image Under Water


It is unthinkable to dream and speak underwater. The same applies to the flying soaring air of which the blue tides are wings that discover the keys to the door of the garden of purity.

Underwater image

Thinking can take one's mind into the image deeper than waves of light. In the meantime, the image speaks a thousand words when it's underwater.

"It is an old dream: To travel on the back of a benevolent sea beast down to some secret underwater garden." Stephen Harrigan

The underworld gardens speak as the mind dreams underwater. The gentle nature of water washes the image. The water touches different feelings of the image as time goes on. 

Technology turns on the imagination. The beauty of the underwater is the image. The mode of perception inspires art as transformed as the mind and body go deep underwater.

The years may come as hours on a moment of awe but the days remain intact like a soft stone under the ocean garden. The image remains entirely on the bottom. It's difficult to know how to manage the image when the right moment comes unnoticed conquering the ocean feelings. It's the maternal principle of the subconscious of the psychic strength in the depth of the human mind.

Though with poor visibility of the image underwater, the light is absorbed and scatters as it travels in the water leaving a hazy blurring vision. Low light keeps the image clear.

In time there are waves of the ocean. The waves calm when the image gets cold. How cold depends on icy dreams scattering around the image that takes hold of the sense of thinking. 

The image pulled up against the walls of water, then lean over and slip. The garden saves it on hot days. The remainder of the feelings is overwhelming.

The atmosphere slams everything up. The world sweeps while being placed at the top of the lungs of seas and minds. Impolite enough to leave the beautiful image behind every softness of water.

According to the Blue Mind theory which refers to a “mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peace, unity and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life at the moment” 

  • Deeply, water purifies the mind.
  • Feeling mother nature's psych powers with softness and purity.
  • Stirring the fluidity of images in the mind with imagination.

Countless cognitive and emotional advantages arise every time we spend time by water, in water or underwater,” “When you see water, when you hear water, it turns on a response in your brain that you’re in the right place. Wallace J. Nichols (2014) 

It is the Blue Mind because, in well-being realms, it is the neutral mind, not too positive or extremely negative. It's Zen, it's the average pattern of feelings of mindfulness. It's positive and calm.

The good thing about this picture is its image behind the jewelry compartment of emotional feelings. The connotation is not the excellent meaning of life when the image runs around away from the hand that draws it. Heading off the horizon by the seaside.

Too much cold as the weather changes. Turning the heat on, seeing the iceberg in the eyes of the sinking image. Keeping steady going without the backing hand.

Introducing my pillow to the bed of the ocean. Looking like a risky marine life willing to leave its form into a free figurine.

Tune in to the music of waves as the image touches the ocean bed. The water keeps the ocean with the feeling of long descent sailing into the underworld gardens.

"Reality whistles a different tune underwater." Tom Robbins

The ocean is popular with the world. Imagine it exists as one of the portraits belonging to the eyes of the very lucky images underwater. Having all sensations of life as a gift makes each day count in the enormousness of the ocean.

Time to go as a servant of my dreams has nothing to do with my pillow but my crown under the ocean. I don't know, because I don't think. The ocean keeps me underwater with the image of dreams.

The ocean is not soft but it's water. The time is not intimidating but the waves of the ocean are. The choice is never easy. The mighty wings have to turn on the means of imagining.

Having nothing but to break free letting the fire burn out. Creating feelings by picking the ashes. Closing the eyes keeping the same eyes relative to the swirling image.

The ocean flies with the games of the surges when wearing that smile. The smile brings the reflection of emotional beauty under the impression of water.

It's hard to see when the ocean sinks into the water. Images plunge into the deep blue waves of reflection leaving no trace of meaning but life in the story of the image and peace.


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