The Waiting Light


When the moon comes by, the night sings. The sweet dreams of imagined daylight show up. The mind goes for the moment in times of waiting.

The stars and the moon

Then, the light paints the sky blue and the land green. It's the sign of life and longevity for the land and the indication of a peak of beauty that keeps me waiting for the stars to emerge in the fading evening sky.

The night intones waiting for the light to spread love and hope to the land. The ways of the light are mysteries of nature. When the heart is cold the light waits by the gate of time. And when the mind is dark the light waits by the doors of imagination.

  • Wonders of light wait for vision or it's just imagination. The vitality of light puzzles the mind.
  • Thinking this light is consciousness in which my mind lingers with thoughts.
  • The light waits with hope.
  • The light is of the gates of the heavenly realm and runs through thinking and dreams.

The morning welcomes the light of the day with the smile of the sun. The light of the celestial body of the stars says goodbye to the night until the time changes. How wonderful, nature knows best. The imagined days are days that count time with hope.

In the place of the mind there are days and lights while in the place of the heart, there is love and patience. The days grow weary waiting for the time of the dusty lights.

The hardest way to find fondness is by walking by the roadside of attractive lights. The lights of the cosmic rays pass by the times of waiting period through the heart.

Remedying honest delusions along the paths of light is all I can do. Hope walks with the universe. The universe brings unlimited consciousness. It doesn't cost a thing to wait by the light. I can dream better than forever with the waiting light.

Light of the silvery moon; the light waits for dawn and will not forget Aurora. The light in her eyes says so as if she's the only beauty that attracts day spring. She is truly the lone and most precious beauty in each sunrise.

The days grow beautiful and wiser as the light waits for your sign. The reason is that the moon sees her sanctuary. The sun seeks to bring Aurora back each day. Even when the aging light fades away the stars are there for me.

Hope keeps the waiting with the companion of light. The light lifts the spirit of love higher than the self. The light waits until when the sun is tired and gone.

The beauty of light attempts my conscience, letting me sink into imagination. Waiting for its rays to go deep into the meaning of the song that flickers the fantasy.

I belong to the waiting light. The light that runs in my nerves to bring that day. The day when I will meet the light with love and awe. The light will wait when I am gone to remind her of the hope that dared to turn the pages of time.

The adoration of nature and changes waits for knowledge from the light. In the separation of light and dark, there are shadows of life and beauty.

Caught up waiting for the dark and sometimes waiting for the light that is powerful enough to struggle between the ideal and the temptations of freedom.

The beautiful story tells it all when the light speeds in the sky with nature. Spreading its wings like heavenly clouds. The story springs wings that take off like a bellflower with the light that waits.

The sunshine of love keeps me waiting for that moment. The moment of fantasy and illusion. The light lingers in my mind so that I can feel and see hope.

The seconds count in the hearts of life. The eyes blink with the vision in the presence of the waiting light. The light that brings hope to those who endure the time.

Reality is the light in nature forming shadows of imagination for knowledge and understanding. What hangs back in the vicinity is an image of light cementing the sign of hope.

The noon says goodbye as the sun brings the twilight for the moon and stars.


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