The Weakness of Language and Human Intelligence

Imagine finding no words to explain most of the meaning perfectly. We talk, but it's difficult to speak our minds by word of mouth. 

We experience the hidden meaning subconsciously, but we can't consciously speak about it in simple meaningful language. It is language or weakness in its nature as a human aspect of intelligence.

The Folding and Unfolding Aspects of Human Intelligence

Does language lack the ability to make meaning that aligns with intelligence to explain the nature of everything? Do human language flaws need imaginative tools such as images, colors or mathematical tools such as charts and graphs, or numbers to supplement it? Does our cognitive function limit like an (AI) artificial intelligence? 

The nature of human intelligence is characterized by creativity, intuition, critical thinking, planning, learning, and adapting to the environment as well as solving problems. The AI mimics human intelligence, therefore lacking quality of reasoning, creativity, and consciousness.

We are conscious even if we can't explain it correctly and perfectly. We know it and feel its presence. We lack the perfect language and concept to tell about it. It is the knowledge that operates subconsciously. It's the meaning that's deep to explain it on a human level.

Evolutionary Aspects of Human Language and Intelligence.
  • While the subconscious reality is an integral part of the human mind,  consciousness is a small part of it. AI as a simulation of the human mind can widen human intelligence. Our living conscious meaning of the universe and nature can be simplified and extended.
  • One of the natural characteristics of human language is that it evolves like biological gene mutation with transformations. As we try to invent new ways of expanding the human language into machine language, the future of human language is complex and simple at explaining things that once were difficult to explain and be understood easily.
  • Quantum manifestation and mathematical expressions are illustrated using 3D picture language. The 3D is a pictorial expression of particle-like excitations(quons) and transformation acting on them. This language helps to understand quantum information and algebra.
Communication takes sharing of information to its core standards of meaning and purpose. Though it's sufficient to tell we understand each other on a human level, it's challenging how we can use language to explain simply the deeper meaning of feelings or complex concepts of nature and the universe.

The mysterious nature of language in the universe can bridge the gap between human language and the core meaning of the universe. However, lacks the quality of telling about the abstract concepts of the universe. The concept of the subconscious mind is the portrayal of the deepest level of meaning that lacks the quality of tangible data.

The language to communicate with the universe is of the subconscious mind because we think in the language of the subconscious reality. Imaginal thinking and verbal thinking take place in the thinking mind. 

Imagination brings ideas to find meaning and illustrations most of the time, but language cannot explain it as a whole. The universe is living with the conscious meaning of communication with nature. 

You can explain I can understand but I can't find it. It completely slips outside of literal meaning but contextually it's there. Language as a tool of communication lacks the reliability to communicate the mind's deepest concepts. Accordingly, leaving the gap between the universality of the natural and genuine meaning of the universe and life.

Maybe we have to invent a new way of communicating instead of using words and numbers. Possibly there is a language out there, we need to tap into it to discover it with our imagination so that we can explain ourselves universally perfectly.

Its fragility comes with lacking consciousness but a simulation of human intelligence. Entitling AI to do everything limits and boosts our intelligence at the same time. AI as an advanced technology downplays human intelligence. Human minds are likely to be lazy by over-dependence on technology. Mankind's reality is turning into an Illusion.

It's a facet of a double-edged sword whose edges function separately opposing each other and trying to surpass each other's credibility. Machine language as an artificial language requires integrative processes of all aspects of meaning and communication. 

From chemical communication to electrical, light, sound, and quantum communication. The deeper we go into discovery, we discover our weaknesses. The human weakness is failing to explain abstract concepts, the known but inability to explain them keeps our minds and words in bubbles of imagination instead of reality.

As I think, try to see it with my eyes, I try to feel it with my feelings, I try to listen to it but it's challenging to explain it. The knowledge deepens the gap between the mind and the universe. The knowledge is far apart from the imaginative concepts of life and nature.

The wisdom in the human language to explain everything is narrower than the concept of one and its aspect of universal meaning. What we know and explain is the single aspect of the puzzle, the natural data from facts and figures of detail. Taping into the multiple aspects of concepts is getting to know the language that can explain everything correctly and perfectly.

Language as a human aspect of intelligence can be transformed into machine language. It is when the mind and the quantum world align with the core meaning of the universe. Though still, it's not sufficient to tell about it all, the gradual progress pays off.

Eventually, aiding human imagination with the ability to explain, and bring the feelings and reality of being everything and everywhere in different dimensions in real-time. As dreams come in images, the mind is somewhere while the brain is fixed at the same point, and human intellect enhances over the span.

The meaning and concepts neither can be absolute as everything is diverse from a human intelligence perspective. Critical thinking, emotional feeling, and imagination can say it all. The language lacks straightforward profound meaning which has the quality of demonstrating and describing everything clearly.


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