Thinking Kicks The Brain


If you are not thinking ask the brain. Exercise to activate your body to open the thinking mode. The thinking memory belongs to an active brain. The mind that thinks belongs to the healthy brain.  


Thinking is an ocean,

The mind in the brain,

Keeps the vision dreaming,

Deeps floating drowning,

Thinking kicking the brain.

The mind or the brain,

The feeling or the thinking,

Shadowing the brain,

Silencing sanity wondering,

Breathing sense wandering,

Thinking kicking the brain.

Where is the brain?

Asks the mind,

The routine opens a question,

What is happening?

Asks the brain, 

Thinking bangs the brain.

What is the brain?

Food or mood,

Thinks the mind,

Bad or good,

Where is the thinking?

In the mind,

Thinking bangs the brain.

Sleeping mind,

Wakes up with learning,

Comes from the brain,

Where is the day?

Asks the brain,

From people away,

Thinking bangs the brain.

Are you thinking again?

Asks the brain,

Are you dreaming again?

Asks the brain,

Knowing me dreaming,

Training opening the brain,

Thinking bangs the brain.

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