Two Hearts Apart


In the world of romance, the two hearts are apart from each other separated by time and distance. Finding a way to rediscover emotional strength and mind will. To overcome the challenges along the journey of love from time to time. Also, bring the sense and memory of reviving the love. Always rekindle experiences and adventures of the loving hearts apart.

Hearts Apart

The minds could've reasoned the distance apart,

If there were no dust between the hearts,

Who could tell the difference between the dust in each other's heart?

The unsettled sea of the distance between the minds it's the hearts apart,

The imagination and ideas,

The longing and waiting in between the hearts,

As if the rivers running to the sea from each other apart,

It was the tale of the hearts yelling telling about the fondness of the sea,

The sea that draws the hearts together but apart in their ways, 

The miles, days, and hours apart are the real distances apart,

The two hearts long for each other's presence in the dusty ocean,

Though the ocean floor brings them a joint,

The hearts tear the ocean with rain that lasts for a reason.

People only know to keep asking as the spring season embraces the two hearts apart,

The season of plenty of seats in between the hearts,

It is only when the sky tears down the rivers of the hearts at the sea they meet,

The time apart and the distance apart,

Becomes a pair of two hearts at the scene apart,

It's the longing scenery of warmth rejoicing during the cold.

Everyone asks the world why keeping these two lovely hearts apart.

They belong and flow to one sea like mighty rivers, why? 

The sky knows them as the heavens bless them, why? 

The seasons and their blossoms learn from the two hearts apart,

The reasons the sky and its birds and its clouds follow the hearts apart.

Those who seat by an endless floor don't give a damn about the heart but their wills,

The head of the ocean floor is cold hard like a stone,

Hurts hearts senselessly shuts down and so does the mind,

And so the sea shuts against the wills of these hearts apart,

And so the hearts find their way,

Like two rivers running into the freshwater lake away from the sea salt,

Because the sea loves the hearts to break into dust apart. 



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