Imagination is Creation


Our actions are a process of creation guided by imaginal thinking. Think of what has been accomplished by the greatest minds of our times and before our era.


Isaac Newton with the falling apple provoked his imagination leading him to discover the force of gravity. We often use our visual imaginations to guide our actions, but great minds use imagination as a tool for effective creation.

Again, think of the genius mind of Steve Jobs who out of his entrepreneurial imagination, he invented Apple, one of the world's most powerful tech brands. 

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last, you create what you will." George Bernard Shaw

We were born to do what we can, and we can do the best with our minds and we are a bunch of various talents. We need to know that, the world needs great people skilled at doing with exceptional excellence.

You were born to be a solution. Under any circumstances, you are given life. You have life to do the best in your capability. The answer to the call of the world and your parents and people.

"Whether or not you can never become great at something, you can always become better at it. Don't ever forget that! And don't say “I'll never be good”. You can become better! and one day you'll wake up and you'll find out how good you became." Neil deGrasse Tyson

You were given a name, a tribe, a culture, a religion, and a country based on the location, the situation you were born or found yourself, but that doesn't define you. What defines you is your actions as a decent human being. Self-discovery and purpose in life give you reason and determination. You fly in fantasy and imagination since you were born a free human being.

Useful Imagination

  • The time you see yourself as an agent for change in what we see in our world, it's when you become a gift and a problem solver to this world's puzzles. You have to do the right thing by just passing through the course of useful imagination.

Dr. Shirley Jackson, an African American while working at Bell Laboratories used her vast knowledge of theoretical physics to do research in telecommunication. Her imagination enabled her to invent useful technologies such as portable fax machines, touch-tone telephones, solar cells, fiber optic cables, caller IDs, and call waiting. The invention transformed the lives of millions of people around the globe.

  • We need to distinguish between the useful course of imagination and that is not. To be able to use the imagination with the creative power of our hands to bring change and create solutions to problems.

  • Having creative imagination depends on its use of it. What we can do with it. For example, imagining the procedure of solving a difficult math problem while the math problem is not there is an unrealistic course of imagination. Thinking of the procedures of solving a math problem while you have the math problem to work on is a realistic and useful imagination. 

  • Imagination creates a chance for realistic initiative through the course of actions and events that may lead to finding a solution to a problem. Albert Einstein for example had a visual image in his sleep before he went to discover the general relativity formula.

You are the best in what you can create with your hands and imagination. You are the copy of yourself the true version of your improved self. 

Every time you stumble you don't collapse because that makes you stronger than you were yesterday. The world is watching waiting for you with plenty of opportunities.

Believing in yourself is the only thing you got to do before you can do anything. You are blessed with the talent that will make you endure and survive in this world of competition. Useful imagination creates a sense of self-belief before embarking on doing anything.

With formal rationality, imagination acts as a guide to the creation of patterns that help us to interpret and perceive problems. We visualize our actions toward realizing solutions to changes in circumstances.

It's the work of our brains that stimulates the perception that identifies flaws in the established patterns, therefore imagination creates new patterns of interpreting problems before solving them.

You are here not to compete but to shine in every shadow that diminishes your shiny star. You are a king or a queen in your empire. The master of your palace. You are a precious gift of life to the world.

You are better in your ways of doing things. Don't let go of the opportunity. The chance is given to you since you were born to shine like a never fading star. 

Heroes and heroines are born every day. They are ordinarily exceptional beings, until when the world does something to them. Either grooming their talents or diminishing them.

Great people are born every day, and most of them do not have the chance to shine. They are marginalized to the extent that the world has little chance to discover and use them for the good of humanity.


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