The Imaginative Paradise


Imagine the times when you were alone. Alone and happy like the serene coastal paradise. The paradise that lives in your mind and your life.

Costal paradise

It's a pristine beach that is beautiful in every way. You visit there every time you think of yourself as a beautiful soul that roams free in imagination. The mind is translucent like an aquamarine sea.

Being innocent and pure like gently swaying palm trees in the morning wind. It's my mind and myself every day in that beautiful nature. The scenery of the real world in the fictional nature of human life. Pitying the innocent voices of brothers and sisters in their mother tongue shrieks.

I don't know what will happen to the sands and the swaying palm beauty if the turbulent times engulf the sea and its coastal strips. Soon the cunning uninvited waters from the desert will take hostage the sunset.

It's vibrant sunset hues that are likely to be lost in the uninvited night of the sea desert waters. Who knows the ways of the desert foxes? The historical nature of the coastal strips echoes green in the ears and imagination of the brethren.

The lost paradise.

Artwork and paper towels capture the tranquility and beauty of this idyllic setting. Is this true experience of peaceful ambiance easily ruined after a decade and half a century of a sailing ship?

The richness or scarcity of the perceived world is a function of our soulful imagination capacity. Naturally, relax and unwind as you color these stunning seashore scenes. 

Walled in the enclosure of pleasure in a park and garden it is a true paradise transformed into a garden with fruit trees, edible plants, and green meadows. In other words, it's a paradise of regeneration and immortal ancestry heritage.

Nature aids our imagination with beautiful illustrations including everything from fishing boats, lighthouses and to palm trees and sunsets. But the real truth of the society is printed and signed on towel papers of nudity culture. Shamed by lusting for more, naked in wisdom and knowledge of the world and the heavens. Is it the naked wisdom of a child?

It is the lost paradise of consciousness, the perfection of thoughts, purity of love to the land, freedom, spontaneity, peace, pleasure, gratitude, and immortality of ancestral ideas. 

The cards played for the oceanic gateway. The future gambled to be lost for the tropical getaways. The dice have the faces of an imaginative atmosphere that glorifies the advent of the desert foxes. 

This inspires a scenic masterpiece that portrays the essence of a coastal haven that attracts foxes who brings eternal bondage to the land and seaways. Cosmically, paradise is lost and regained from time to time. It is the recursive nature of time that turns things around.


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