Under The Glasses and Grasses


We grow to see the world the same, until when we find glasses to look deeper into the meaning. It's beyond what we can see on the glasses. Again, it's what our eyes miss to see in the green grasses. We try to understand the vision.

Glasses versus grasses, What is the difference? Caught up in the sight-improving frames bearing two lenses worn in front of the eyes. Though confusing, it's the pair of glasses trying to explain what's underneath the grasses and sealed in the eyes.

Staring at the grasses,

It's a greener underside,

See under the glasses,

It's dark on the other side,

Tinted free like butterflies,

Looking simple and attractive,

In the leaves on the trees,

Bees from flowers to the hive,

Staring at the glasses,

It's the rain I see,

Hidden underneath the eyes,

Ears clear under the sea,

It's the underside of grasses,

Greener soiling boiling wee.




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