Scratch the Surface


Looking for an idea leads to ways to scratch the surface. It's to scratch for a seed. Back scratch to wind up the scratch or book scratch when the head is scratched.

With a single scratch on the surface, we normally discover something accidentally, just like having the possibility of knowing something bigger. 

The scratch on the surface is the starting point of a wonderful experience. It's the beginning of a course of actions that make us better. Join me when my fingers scratch the pads for the poem 'Scratch the Surface'.


It's blue and surrounded by a face,

It's a dark light surface,

If lucky enough to tear the surface,

A scratch starts new pages of a face.

Having no idea just scratch the surface,

It's obvious that everything has a face,

Everything indeed has a different face,

I see every leaf has a wonderful page.

Having life scratching each surface,

It is obvious that there's a reality to face,

It's rougher on the surface,

Tougher and fascinating deeper surface.

It's the tip of the iceberg lettuce,

It's the grip of nature that has a face,

It's when the scratch has to produce,

It's a joy to discover a young leaf page.

Firstly the imagination on the surface,

Then an accidental rub on the surface,

It goes from the surface deep into the face,

Its effect itches the soil to produce.

It's only a hand scrape on the face,

That opens the brain into pages,

Only when courage decides the course,

Starts a way to discover the entire face.

Numerous ways can scratch the surface,

Fingers can back scratch the face,

Or wind scratches the surface,

Just not to wound the face.

Having each claw dig the surface,

Having each sense open the face,

It sounds like a dreaming face,

Until the sky unmasks the page.

It's when the stars appear in faces,

There appears the surfaces,

The surfaces for the universe,

The possible pages of the surface.


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